Our Story.

Our long story, short...

Established in 1997, The Missing Link was born from a vision to help businesses achieve their goals with the right IT solutions and services. The current owners, Alex Gambotto, Daniel Forsythe, Aaron Bailey and Sam Marshall continue to deliver on this promise, helping some of Australia’s most well-known companies achieve their goals through streamlined IT. With over 20 years experience we continue to help businesses do this every day. We are in an always-moving state of change to make sure we keep on top of the latest technologies, so you do too.

In 2013 we added a specialised security division in response to the rising threat of cyber crime, this division has now grown into one of the most respected cyber security groups in the country. Several years later, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) started to become a commercial reality.

RPA relieves staff from the burden of process-based tasks, boosting productivity and freeing them to work on more interesting or profitable work – by 2019, we had launched our RPA division. The addition of the divisions ensures we continue to offer our clients complete IT solutions from start to finish and deliver on our goal of helping businesses achieve more by transforming their IT.

We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable people and our exceptional service, they are the engine of our company. Every day they help clients like you achieve more through IT transformation. Today, The Missing Link is one of the most awarded IT companies in Australia.

You can rest assured we will always take the time to learn about your unique needs, and deliver the best result for your business.

We are the missing link between where you are and where you want to be.

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