Private Cloud.

A dedicated private cloud, controlled and accessed by only your business

A tailored Cloud service giving your business total control and customisation

Private cloud will meet the demands of unpredictable and heavy usage while delivering speed, reliability and flexibility

Private cloud offers users the same agility, scalability and efficiency as the public cloud, but with greater levels of control and the security of a dedicated single-tenant environment. With a higher level of protection, you can utilise company firewalls and internal hosting to defend your private data.

A private cloud solution is most typically suited to businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments, often to meet security, business governance or regulatory compliance requirements. It is also suited to customers who don't want to run or buy the hardware themselves.

At The Missing Link, we will collaborate with your business to provide a tailored cloud service that addresses your specific need. You will also have the ability to spin up or tear down a server in a matter of minutes, which is incredibility powerful and valuable for the management of your data.

Our team of certified cloud consultants can assist you with advice, strategy and a cloud roadmap for migration and deployment. They can create a customised solution for your business, which considers your unique compliance, regulatory and risk tolerance concerns. Additionally, our private cloud service will ensure you meet all regulatory and client compliance requirements.

Your partner in privacy and control

With Private Cloud, your business can meet unpredictable demands and deliver speed, security and flexibility.



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Take control of your data with Private Cloud

Seamless migrations with no downtime

Our Private Cloud services are implemented with ease, so you don’t have to worry about downtime or complex migrations.

Award-winning security team

At The Missing Link, our award-winning team is comprised of certified engineers and cloud specialists you can trust.

Shift capex to opex

Less hardware and software upfront means a reduction in capital costs, including warranties and update fees.

Data sovereignty

There are no data sovereignty issues with private cloud. You can confidently transfer, store, and use sensitive data and mission-critical apps in a location of your choice.

Perfect Partner Experience


  • What are the benefits of a private cloud solution?

    A private cloud will deliver all the advantages of a public cloud solution, as well as the following key benefits:

    • Greater control over configuration and hosting — You can choose exactly where your data and software resides and how it is accessed, which means you have a much greater level of control over the configuration and hosting of individual elements in your cloud when compared to public cloud solutions. This is a clear benefit to organisations that must meet strict regulatory requirements with regard to data protection and security.
    • Guaranteed performance and reliability — Our private cloud services allow you to choose the physical location where your cloud will be hosted and with a dedicated, high-speed link to this location, performance and availability issues will be eliminated.
    • Configurability — It’s your private cloud, which means you decide how it runs and how it is configured to deal with changing workloads. If you don’t want to get involved in day-to-day management tasks, that’s not a problem: you can leave it all to us. With our Managed IT Services, you can leave all the decisions and maintenance work to our team of experts.

    If you would like to find out more about what Australia’s leading private cloud service providers can do for you, please call and speak to us on 1300 865 865, or contact us by email.

  • How can The Missing Link help?

    With our private cloud services, we’re able to provide businesses in Australia with highly secure and scalable cloud solutions that meet both their current and future needs with ease. When deployed in combination with a customised Data Backup and Recovery solution from The Missing Link, our private cloud solutions offer extremely stable, flexible environments with minimal downtime and exceptional performance.

    Because the Hardware & Software that comprises your private cloud will be self-contained — isolated from any other IT hardware on the premises — you will enjoy complete control of all the resources at your disposal. You’ll also have the ability to quickly increase or decrease network capacity to meet your changing requirements over time.