Here at The Missing Link, we have 24 years of experience working across all levels of Government; Local, State and Federal.
As a leading provider serving the Government sector, we understand and meet the stringent compliance criteria and have the appropriate certifications and accreditations required.
Our experience working with Government customers expands beyond the baseline, our Approved Supplier status allows us to work at the highest prequalification type for a broad range of capabilities.
We follow global best practices to ensure we are managing all information security risks effectively; we are ISO 27001 certified.
Approved Government and Supplier Lists
  • NSW IT&C Products, Services & Consulting for Local Government
  • NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020) - Registered & Advanced Supplier
  • QLD Government ICT Services Panel (ICTSS.1303B), Queensland
  • Information Technology Contracting (QITC)
  • Local Buy (QLD)
  • VendorPanel (VIC)
  • Digital Marketplace
  • Buy ICT
  • Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Panel
  • Cloud Services Panel
Security Reviews
Set of agreed T&C's
  • Harnessing digital transformation and the cloud

    In the last few years, we’ve seen Governments of all levels accelerate their digital transformation journeys to reflect the dramatic changes happening in the world. At the forefront, governments are focused on scaling their digital infrastructure, creating a digital-savvy workplace and investing in community-wide connectivity.
    At The Missing Link, we’ve played an essential role in helping agencies adopt a cohesive approach to modernising their digital capabilities. We focus on creating a seamless digital experience by leveraging cloud computing to support more agile, productive and cost-effective operations.
    We also support Government agencies looking to maintain a hybrid, or remote workforce, as their permeant operating system.

  • Enhancing infrastructure resilience

    Federal, State, and Local Governments account for approximately one-third of cyber security incidents reported each year. This number is expected to continually increase due to the opportunities afforded to malicious actors and the obligation to report significant cyber security incidents.
    Threats can range from foreign state-sponsored cyber incidents, cyber attacks that seek to disrupt critical infrastructure to petty criminals looking to exploit Government records for personal gain. Unfortunately, with the independence Government agencies have on each other, even a single point of vulnerability could quickly result in a large-scale disruption.
    At The Missing Link, we help Government agencies meet Governance and Compliance requirements, including ASD Essential 8, to secure their infrastructure, apps, devices and data.

  • Ramping up Intelligent Automation

    Our capabilities allow Government agencies to leverage Automation to increase efficiency and migrate human resources to higher-value tasks. From end-to-end customer service automation, document processing and identity verification to claim reviews and retrievals, we will show you the value of Automation in the Government sector.

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