Cyber Security Strategy.

A security solution that protects your business from the ongoing threat of attack. A strategy to maximise your security investments and increase your cyber resiliency over time

A holistic approach to setting, measuring and improving your cyber security strategy

At The Missing Link, our world-class security experts will provide strategic advice to protect your business, people, processes and technology from the threat of cyberattack

Your security operations are your first line of defence when it comes to preventing cyberattacks.

To protect your people, processes and technology from the increasing threats of a compromise or breach, it’s essential to consider your existing security posture, as well as your business needs today and into the future.

At The Missing Link, we’ve developed a consultative methodology around cyber security strategy to analyse and assess your security posture, then provide a customised response to increase your cyber resilience over time.

Our comprehensive approach involves a thorough review of your security controls; objective and agnostic recommendations for technology personalised to your business objectives, and ongoing guidance to help your organisation meet the appropriate level of operational security maturity in line with its budget, resources and risk tolerance.

The security solutions and services we develop and implement for your organisation will maximise protection by enabling you to detect and respond to threats early in the cyberattack lifecycle. Our recommendations will help your business achieve compliance with industry best practice and will minimise the risk of disruption, reputational damage and financial loss that can be caused by cyber attack.

At the Missing Link, we understand that every organisation has different requirements for cyber security and that most are challenged by limited resources. That’s why our world-renowned security team will take the time to work closely with you to understand your organisational needs then tailor a comprehensive security strategy to mitigate and control the risk of cyber security incidents or impacts.

Cyber security strategy that's customised to meet your objectives

A comprehensive security review

Our team will undertake a thorough review to understand your security posture, your business needs and the maturity of your existing security controls.

Guidance and expertise

With an agnostic approach, our security experts will recommend best of breed technology to support your business environment and objectives.

Early threat detection

We’ll work with you to identify risks and vulnerabilities. Then we’ll develop a strategy to mitigate and control the risk of cyber security incidents or impacts, and when necessary, to respond to threats early, before harm is done.

Roadmap to maturity

In partnership with you, our world-class team will develop a roadmap to achieve a level of security that suits your resources, budget, and risk tolerance.

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