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The right devices to suit your needs

Create a flexible and scalable workforce that addresses your concerns with our Modern Devices solutions

Organisations these days are required to be more flexible than in the past. Fluctuating staff numbers, flexible working arrangements, or other working methods that are different from the traditional nine to five desk jobs are becoming the norm. To be more flexible, staff need modern devices that meet the demand of flexible working arrangements.

The demand for efficient workplace practices outside of the nine to five norm can pressure management or IT departments to keep up to date with the deployment, management and spending on devices. There are also new concerns such as compatible operating systems, securing information, and ensuring that devices are kept current associated with device management.

Our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution offers your business the flexibility it needs to create a flexible and scalable workforce while alleviating concerns. Our team can find the right devices to suit your business requirements, consult with you on corporate policy, ensure you have an effective network in place, secure your data, and look after your devices' ongoing management. The devices included in the offering are laptops, tablets, desktops, and accessories like monitors and software.

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With our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, you can maximise your business flexibility and productivity. Staff can work efficiently outside of their traditional nine to five desk job with ease.

Work from anywhere with ease and efficiency

Constant scalability

Our service offers scalability according to fluctuating staff numbers, so there’s no more obsolete PCs sitting on desks.

Reduce IT workloads

Our experienced team will reduce some of your IT department workloads by finding the right devices and rolling them out so they don’t have to.

Predictable monthly billing

One point of contact for all billing, maintenance and support.

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