Technology Roadmap.

Assess your IT environment and digital workplace to map out your future roadmap with our Technology Maturity Model

Understand your current technology environment and plan for your future

Our experienced team will provide your business with a high level, detailed roadmap to transform your IT environment

At The Missing Link, we have created our own Technology Maturity Model that encompasses eight different solution pillars and provides a structured way of providing a client with a high level or detailed roadmap.

There are many reasons why your business may need an assessment of your current IT environment and digital workplace. Suppose you’re unsure of how well-developed your current infrastructure is or lack a holistic view of your IT environment. In that case, our technology roadmap will provide measurable results and actionable goals. Alternatively, if your business doesn’t have the available time or skills, our team can provide expert advice.

Our technology roadmap service provides three main deliverables. The first is a current maturity score; we’ll assess your business environment against eight different pillars, scoring them according to industry standards.

We’ll then provide you with proposed solutions across all eight stages of the maturity model to form a technology roadmap. These solutions will be prioritised based on the most critical, quick wins and required investment.

Lastly, once all of the roadmap solutions are completed, our team will provide a target score for each of the eight pillars. These findings, as well as current and target maturity scores, will be presented to your business. Your tailored technology roadmap will also be reviewed in detail during this presentation.

Your partner in customised technology services

The Missing Link will provide the resources and skills required to accurately assess your environment across the comprehensive eight pillars of our maturity model, so you don't have to.

Trusted technology roadmap

Plan ahead

The Roadmap will provide advice on how you can improve your business environment, including how much it will cost so you can budget it and plan ahead.

Holistic solutions

Our eight pillars encompass all areas of an IT environment, giving you a completely holistic view of where your business currently sits and where improvements can be made.

Customised advice

We understand that not all business want or need to be at the highest level of maturity in each pillar, so we’ll take this into account when making solution recommendations.

Perfect Partner Experience