Cloud Computing and IT Services.

Dependable IT & Cloud infrastructure is essential for everyday business. As such yours needs to be robust, fast and secure. It must be able to meet your current business requirements and be scalable into the future. As your IT partner, we can provide you with completely new end-to-end infrastructure or we can upgrade your existing system with a solution that’s focused on your businesses specific needs.

Leave the ongoing maintenance and management to us so your team can focus on their daily tasks. Our certified engineers can build, purchase, configure and install all your infrastructure requirements. We partner with market-leading vendors to provide the best IT technologies and solutions.

IT & Cloud solutions now and scalable in the future

Cloud Services & Solutions

Whether you’re looking at a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, we will ensure you can access files and applications, anytime & anywhere. 

Managed Network

We assess, design and deliver fully optimised and secure network infrastructure so you can rely on it when your business needs it most.

Hardware & Software

Our team can advise on and deliver the right hardware and software to ensure your business is streamlined and running at its best.

Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your business data with expert advice from us; we’ll find you the best backup and data recovery solution or service.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services better support your internal team and ensure you have the technical expertise to supplement your in-house resources.

Consulting Services

Our consultancy services will give you maximum value as we tailor a solution that fits your requirements and empowers you to achieve your business goals.

Modern Workplace

The Missing Link’s modern workplace solutions blend technology with human resources to enhance communication and collaboration, improve productivity and increase staff loyalty.

IT Procurement

Remove the risks and challenges from purchasing and updating IT infrastructure, vendor and contract management.

IT Support

Expert guidance and support for all your information technology needs. A holistic approach to IT management.


  • What IT & Cloud services do we offer?

    Our IT & Cloud services were created to provide businesses in Australia and the UK with exactly the level of support they need. Ranging from the design and implementation of completely new IT & Cloud solutions to providing technical assistance and the maintenance of existing assets, our services can be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. 
    Whether you want to move to Managed IT Services to streamline expenses or you would like an IT partner that can help you invest in the best Hardware and Software for the future, we can help.

  • Are you interested in Enterprise IT services in Australia and the UK?

    We offer comprehensive business IT solutions focused on helping you to leverage information technology efficiently and cost-effectively. In our opinion, an enterprise IT solution should provide measurable benefits that also make life easier for your workforce. Working with this principle in mind, we create targeted solutions to address your specific business concerns and fully support your corporate strategies and goals.
    We’re able to provide you with as little or as much guidance as you desire. If you know exactly which new technologies you wish to take advantage of in the future, we can procure the necessary software/hardware and integrate it into your existing IT Infrastructure. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a partner that can provide comprehensive IT Infrastructure consulting services, including recommendations for future investments and clearly defined IT strategies, our team will be delighted to oblige.
    We will listen carefully to your requirements, tailoring our IT and business Cloud Services accordingly. If your primary concern is the implementation of a robust Backup and Recovery solution, we’ll make this a priority. If you wish to move data and applications to the Cloud as soon as possible, we’ll focus our attention on this goal first. If you’d also like to take advantage of our Robotic Process Automation and Cyber Security expertise, we can include these services in your package.
    To discuss your requirements in detail, contact us by phone or email today.

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