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About us

Hear from our CEO, Alex Gambotto, about our background, achievements and what makes us different from other IT organisations.

Our Team

Red Team

Hear our CISO, Aaron Bailey talk about Red Team Attack Simulations, which are exercises that mimic a live threat actor operating against an organisation.

Cyber Security

Diversity in the workplace

For The Missing Link, diversity is embedded in our company culture and we are constantly working hard to maintain & improve it further.

Our Team

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses sophisticated software known as ‘digital workers’, to automate any repeatable business process.


ASD Essential 8

The #ASD8aaS is Australia’s only managed service that focuses on the Essential 8 security controls.

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Security Operations Centre

We've built our 24x7, fully on-shore SOC with an investment in the latest equipment and cutting-edge software combined with one of the most certified security teams in Australia.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security solutions

Our Cyber Security division offers a comprehensive list of services to protect your business. From Security Assessments, Event Management, Red Teaming to having a 24 x 7 SOC in Australia.

Cyber Security

What's unique about us?

Learn what makes us different from other companies and how we transform your IT for better business outcomes.

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ASD Essential 8 as a Service

At The Missing Link, we have focused our efforts around creating an architecturally designed and integrated managed service for the Essential 8.

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Microsoft 365 for Business


Do you know the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

IT Infrastructure

Workplace innovation

See how technology and activity-based working come together in the modern office.

IT Infrastructure

Network devices are still relevant in or out of the Cloud

Whether you have made the move to the cloud yet or not, your business still relies on the on-premise equipment necessary to keep your business going. Here's how.

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Case Study: Gilbert + Tobin

We conducted a full security audit and network overhaul with one of Australia's well-known law firms.

Cyber Security

Case Study: Glassons

See how Glassons achieved zero downtime by partnering with us.

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Our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution offers your business the flexibility it needs to create a flexible and scalable workforce while alleviating concerns.
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Data centre virtualisation explained

It is possible to deliver more without spending more by virtualising your data centre? Learn about virtualisation here. 
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Integrate a Zero Trust security strategy