ASD 8 as a Service.

The Missing Link’s ASD8 as a Service is currently the only managed service to focus specifically on the Essential 8 security controls

Gain insights from industry experts to increase your cyber resiliency

Discover the challenges that the ASD Essential 8 present for businesses, and learn how implementing it can benefit your organisation

Tackling all the cyber threats that could attack your business is understandably very difficult, but there are some sure ways to limit your exposure. The ASD’s eight strategies promise to mitigate up to 85% of targeted attacks and provide a brilliant starting point for those wanting to increase their security levels.

At The Missing Link, we have focused our efforts around creating an architecturally designed and integrated managed service for the Essential 8. Not only will this radically strengthen the protection around your systems and data sets, but our managed service also takes all of the legwork out of these labour-intensive processes.

The ASD Essential 8 (ASD 8) provides mitigation strategies to effectively:

  • Prevent malware delivery and execution
  • Limit the extent of cyber security incidents
  • Recover data and system availability

Assess your cyber security risk now! Try our ASD Essential 8 interactive tool to see how you are positioned.

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Solution Overview

The #ASD8aaS is Australia’s only managed service that focuses on the Essential 8 security controls. Our leading security experts begin the process by thorough penetration testing to find out exactly how secure your current systems are, your ASD 8 maturity level and which areas need the most focus.

From there we can provide the exact level of support you require, through our modular integration options. All of our services are designed to be outsourced, removing the time-consuming nature of the security tasks, while utilising our world-leading expertise and technology resources. Our carefully selected enterprise-class vendors ensure that we can utilise our service across a heterogeneous environment including Microsoft, Apple, Unix and others.

You can choose the right level of security from our four packages, each of which relates to different levels of maturity designed by the ASD:



ASD8aaS Bronze

Our entry-level package will bring you peace of mind you are more secure – you will be partially aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.

ASD8aaS Silver

Designed for businesses who are keen for a higher level of security – you will be mostly aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.

ASD8aaS Gold

Rest assured your cyber security is being taken care of, the package is designed for businesses who need a very high level of security – you will be fully aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.

ASD8aaS Platinum

Our highest level of service designed for mission-critical businesses, who need 24/7 service coverage and want to protect highly sensitive information – you will be fully aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.

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  • What is ASD 8?

    The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) top 8 security mandates provide mitigation strategies for small and large scale businesses to reduce the risk of being victims of cybersecurity breaches. Designed to prevent malware delivery, reduce cybersecurity incidents and recover data and system availability, ASD essential 8 controls help to keep both your customers' and your business’ data safe. Using these strategies, Australian businesses can mitigate up to 85% of all target cyber attacks.

  • What do the Essential 8 strategies cover?

    Designed as recommendations to reduce online privacy breaches, the framework of the Essential 8 cybersecurity strategy covers some of the most common issues of vulnerability in any business’ IT infrastructure. The primary pillars of ASD Essential 8 compliance include:
    Application whitelisting
    Patch applications
    Disabling untrusted Microsoft Office macros
    User application hardening
    Restricting application privileges
    Repairing operating systems
    Adding multi-factor authentication
    Daily back-up of essential data
    At The Missing Link, we help our customers protect their important digital assets and hardware by providing ASD 8 as a comprehensive service. Able to be seamlessly integrated into your existing security process, there is no better way to stay ahead of data leaks and phishing scams than by using this groundbreaking service.

  • How often is the Essential 8 Maturity Model updated, and why?

    Designed as a guide to help businesses improve their compliance to the ASD Essential 8,  the Essential 8 Maturity Model provides a graduated approach for companies looking to boost the cybersecurity levels of their day-to-day workflows.
    Providing ways to deliver extra protection from common software cyber attacks, this model is updated multiple times a year to ensure that this resource offers the most current information and advice for the end-user. These updates are facilitated on a regular basis to keep up with the ever-changing tactics used by adversaries looking to gain access to your business’s private digital information.