ASD 8 as a Service

Tackling all the cyber threats that could attack your business is understandably very difficult, but there are some sure ways to limit your exposure. The ASD’s eight strategies promise to mitigate up to 85% of targeted attacks and provide a brilliant starting point for those wanting to increase their security levels.

At The Missing Link, we have focused our efforts around creating an architecturally designed and integrated managed service for the Essential 8. Not only will this radically strengthen the protection around your systems and data sets, but our managed service also takes all of the legwork out of these labour-intensive processes. 

Assess your cyber security risk now! Try our ASD Essential 8 interactive tool to see how you are positioned.

The ASD Essential 8 (ASD 8) provides mitigation strategies to effectively:

  • Prevent malware delivery and execution.
  • Limit the extent of cyber security incidents.
  • Recover data and system availability.
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Solution Overview

The #ASD8aaS is Australia’s only managed service that focuses on the Essential 8 security controls. Our leading security experts begin the process by thorough penetration testing to find out exactly how secure your current systems are, your ASD 8 maturity level and which areas need the most focus.

From there we can provide the exact level of support you require, through our modular integration options. All of our services are designed to be outsourced, removing the time-consuming nature of the security tasks, while utilising our world-leading expertise and technology resources. Our carefully selected enterprise-class vendors ensure that we can utilise our service across a heterogeneous environment including Microsoft, Apple, Unix and others.

You can choose the right level of security from our four packages, each of which relates to different levels of maturity designed by the ASD:


ASD8aaS Bronze

Our entry-level package will bring you peace of mind you are more secure – you will be partially aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.

Contact us to find out which package is right for you.


ASD8aaS Silver

Designed for businesses who are keen for a higher level of security – you will be mostly aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.


ASD8aaS Gold

Rest assured your cyber security is being taken care of, the package is designed for businesses who need a very high level of security – you will be fully aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.



ASD8aaS Platinum

Our highest level of service designed for mission-critical businesses, who need 24/7 service coverage and want to protect highly sensitive information – you will be fully aligned with the mitigation strategies of the ASD Essential 8.

"The Missing Link helped us to understand our current level of maturity against the ASD Essential 8. The expertise and in-depth knowledge provided by their Security Consultants helped us immensely to decipher where we currently stand, and they delivered a roadmap to improve our overall security posture as well. Their team were very easy to deal with, and at the end of the project they delivered a brilliant report that included concise action items. I would highly recommend The Missing Link to any organisation looking to implement the ASD Essential 8."

Michael Bouchaud

Information Security Manager, Department of Premier and Cabinet (VIC)

Benefits of our #ASD8aaS

The #ASD8aaS is a specifically designed service allowing a business to efficiently deploy world-leading, defensive security controls without breaking the bank.

  • Modular deployment
  • Cost-effective
  • Round-the-clock access to leading experts
  • Tried and tested service
  • Reduce business risk
  • Block malicious applications
  • Increase your cyber resilience
  • Reduce your attack surface

Technology Partners

We partner with over 100 leading-class vendors so you get the best solution every time.


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