The technology your team needs to maximise performance, wherever and whenever they’re at work

Devices to promote collaboration and enhance productivity

A state-of-the-art device-as-a-service solution to equip every team member with the tools they need

The world has changed. Teams are increasingly working remotely, relying on state-of-the-art technology and connectivity to collaborate and complete tasks.

While some team members will demand speed, others will require long battery life for work on the road, and others will insist on a sleek footprint that takes minimal desktop space.

Regardless, at The Missing Link we’ll work with your organisation to understand the many different needs of your team members, then we’ll design a solution that equips every one of them to maximise productivity and efficiency within your organisation’s budget.

The managed solution we customise for your organisation will ensure operating systems are compatible across devices, information is stored and shared with the highest level of security and devices and software are kept up-to-date and licensed.

With devices including laptops, tablets, desktops, and accessories like monitors and software, our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution will maximise flexibility to meet the needs of your scalable workforce.

Flexible solutions to boost performance

Flexible options

A flexible solution to power the potential of scalable workforces with a selection of devices that range from tablets to desktops.

Configured for security

With security at the heart of everything we do, we’ll configure your devices to protect data without compromising collaboration and efficiency.

Compatible and compliant

We’ll ensure every device is current, compliant and compatible with your organisation’s network and processes.

Monitored for protection

Our highly trained team will securely monitor and manage any of your devices that regularly access sensitive business data.

Perfect Partner Experience