Our Inclusive Culture. 

Here at The Missing Link, we value diversity, equal opportunity, and respect. 

We pride ourselves on our company culture that celebrates and recognises diversity and how it can enrich our environment, and strengthen our business and relationships. With 25+ different countries represented in our business; we are one of the most inclusive teams in the Australian IT industry. A true mixing pot of races, ethnicities, genders, sexuality (LGBTIQ+) and political views. We believe one big benefit from this is more diverse and successful thinking. 

Our culture empowers all staff to have a voice, where feedback and ideas are encouraged and rewarded. We believe we have already changed the stigma associated with women in the ICT industry, and every day we celebrate our growing network of strong women who have carved out incredible careers in a heavily male-dominated industry. Not only have we created an environment that values and supports women’s jobs, growth and development, but we also work hard to be visible role models for the next generation of women in the ICT industry.

Cultivating a respectful and positive workplace is paramount to our success. With an 'Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Bullying Policy' in place, we take discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying very seriously. 

We ensure all our employees, customers and partners are treated with the utmost respect.  We believe everybody should have opportunities to voice their thoughts, opinions and concerns freely without judgment. 

Our annual Harmony day presents the perfect opportunity for our employees to celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and respect over cultural dishes brought together by our employees. Harmony day further strengthens our relationships as well as reinforcing a sense of belonging for everyone. 

Put simply: an 'Inclusive Culture' means nobody is, or should, feel excluded simply because of who they are or what they believe in.

Karen Drewitt, our Chief Operating Officer, talks about diversity in our workplace and how we strive to cultivate positive team environments:




To help promote and encourage 'Inclusive Culture' throughout our organisation, we created a logo which we proudly display across various internal and external communications, as a reminder to our commitment and value of this initiative.
There are three parts to the logo, each representing an important aspect of our Inclusive Culture':
  1. The hand shake symbolises: being welcome, collaboration and appreciation.
  2. The heart symbolises: understanding of others feelings and loving them for who they are.
  3. The rainbow symbolises: the 'gay pride flag' which is universally accepted to represent all LGBTQI+




Interested in joining our team?

We are always looking for amazing people to join our team. We aim to hire people with a great culture fit as well as the technical skills needed for the role. Help us continue to excel in a collaborative, diverse, and transparent workplace.