Infrastructure Management.

Our team will maintain, support and secure your critical infrastructure, network and workloads

Proactive maintenance, monitoring and reactive support for your critical workloads and devices

Improve the security of your infrastructure, reduce costs and increase productivity with infrastructure management

Infrastructure management is a managed IT service that includes reactive support, monitoring and proactive management of your cloud, data centre and office infrastructure. For many businesses, managing infrastructure can become a burden on IT staff, as they are kept busy fighting fires rather than focusing on strategic business initiatives. This can also make it challenging to maintain stability, control and transparency.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to manage your infrastructure, The Missing Link can help. Our highly experienced team will help your business offload day-to-day management tasks associated with supporting back-end infrastructure, thereby improving service levels, reducing costs and mitigating risk. We’ll ensure all management tasks are taken care of, so you can focus on more meaningful work.

Additionally, our team will support your critical infrastructure, from network devices to core servers, using our monitoring and remote access tools or sending one of our engineers on site. We have a local team ready to assist, no matter your business needs.

Your partner in infrastructure management

At The Missing Link, we understand that each business requires a different level of management. That’s why we offer three plans; Silver, Gold and Platinum, depending on the service you need. Whether you’re looking for simple infrastructure management, or in-depth strategy planning to achieve business goals, our plans offer a tailored solution.

Maintenance, support and management you can trust

Onshore support

Know you’re going to talk to a real person in Australia every time – 100% of staff are onshore.

No bill shock

Know exactly how much you're going to spend on IT each month.

Choose your service

With three plans to choose from, you can select the right level of service to suit your business needs.

Improved stability and transparency

Consistent, proactive management of your IT environment means you will spend much less time fixing issues and have more time to plan for future needs.

Improve security

All our plans include patch management to protect you from known vulnerabilities. Our higher-level plans also further improve your security by including annual vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

Perfect Partner Experience