Unified Communications.

Unify and streamline all of your business communication methods into a single productivity hub

Bring your business together anytime, anywhere and on any device

Give your employees a streamlinedStrong communication supports successful businesses

Whether you’re operating with multiple locations or a remote workforce, Unified Communications is the key to breaking down silos between a dispersed workforce and bringing them together.

Our unified communication solutions allow your employees to work together anytime, anywhere and on any device. We encompass the latest technology in messaging, telephony, audio/video conferencing, team collaboration and file sharing to bring you a central hub for communication.

The reality is, every business will have unique needs - whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or any stage in between. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the right solution built for a modern workplace.

From the ease of instant messaging to holding video conferences and the convenience of sharing and editing files in real-time, we’ll ensure your end users are empowered and supported to use the technology correctly and efficiently.

We work closely with you to enhance the value of your unified communication solution, ensuring you have an effective and seamless communication hub so you can focus on solving important issues.

We partner with industry-leading vendors, including Microsoft, to find the right unified communication solution for your business.

Your partner in secure and compliant collaboration

With security at the centre of our solutions, you can be assured that your data, end-users, and processes are protected with authentication, encryption and access management protocols.

Unify your workspaces

Increase productivity

With more efficient workflows, your team can communicate and collaborate anywhere, on any device.

Reduce costs

Implementing a cloud-based solution enables you to scale up or down as you need, we can also streamline your billing so you’ll only have one monthly bill.

Enhance end-user experience

Whether your employees are on the go, working remotely or in the office, they’ll have all the tools they need for effective communication.

Secure and compliant collaboration

We ensure your business is protected with the latest authentication, encryption and access management protocols.

Perfect Partner Experience


  • What is the relationship between unified communications and VoIP?

    Unified communications providers may deliver dedicated VoIP services. Confusion sometimes surrounds these terms. Despite similarities between these technologies, there is a big difference in terms of scope and scale. Many VoIP services are focused entirely on internet-based calling. 
    In contrast, unified communications are focused on the entire communications needs of your company — both online and offline. While dedicated video services may share specific technologies such as voicemail and instant messaging, unified communications is best understood as a concept rather than a collection of services.

  • How can unified communication technology empower your workforce?

    The highly distributed nature of the Modern Workplace presents new challenges for businesses in all industries and market sectors. With our communication technology services in Australia, you can easily overcome these challenges: we can design a custom unified communications solution that will help you to achieve notable productivity and significant efficiency improvements in all areas of your business. The Missing Link has a great deal of experience in designing and developing complex communications solutions that enable Australian businesses to thrive in the post-digital world. 

  • How can our communication technology services help your business?

    By enabling employers in diverse geographical locations to collaborate in a seamless, integrated environment, our information and communication technology services will help transform how your business operates. Digital communications innovations such as Video Conferencing and VoIP services provide corporate teams with the ability to connect and interact in new and exciting ways but unless you have a unified communications strategy that is designed to take full advantage of everything these innovations have to offer, you are missing out. With our Leadership and guidance, you can adopt a highly effective strategy that truly unifies your entire workforce and ultimately helps you reach organisation-wide long term goals. 

  • What are the benefits of working together with unified communication technology solutions?

    By creating a unified solution that brings voice, data, video and apps together into one environment, your workforce will be able to collaborate on projects from any location, at any time of day or night. Whether they are in an airport lounge, at home or in the office, connecting with other team members will be quick and easy. We have created communication technology solutions for companies with multiple sites across Australia and overseas, enabling them to reduce costs and improve interdepartmental communications at the same time.
    To discuss a communication technology solution that is customised to meet the needs of your business or to find out more about our other IT services, such as our Data Backup and Recovery solutions, contact us now on 1300 865 865.