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The Missing Link's owned and operated Backup-as-a-Service platform that grows with your business.


Built on Veeam, the leading modern data protection platform, SmartPROTECT defends your data against hardware failures, accidental deletion and ransomware attacks. The Missing Link can be a trusted partner to help you backup and recover all of your data across the hybrid cloud.


The increase in the number of ransomware attacks has resulted in vendors taking concrete steps toward providing ransomware detection and remediation as well as a resilient backup infrastructure. Our SmartPROTECT platform is ISO 27001certified, ensuring we follow international standards on how to manage information security.   


Make your data available anytime, anywhere

Prevent your business from losing essential data, client information, time and profit.

Most businesses of all sizes have large amounts of data, systems and important client information that must be stored safely. If your business lost all its data, how long would it last without it, and how long can it afford to be down? Surprisingly, 71% of businesses can only tolerate a 15-minute to 3-hour outage, while 8% can tolerate zero downtime.

Therefore, a data backup solution is critical for every business – hardware failure, encryption via ransomware, or human error can happen at any time. Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a simple, secure and reliable solution that could save you from losing data, clients, reputation, time, and even profit.

At The Missing Link, our team will provide a customised backup solution for your business needs. Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) provides you with local, offsite and immutable copies of your data all managed by The Missing Link. We are part of the Veeam Cloud & Service Provider program, which allows us to provide best in class Backup solutions to businesses of any size and within any industry.

Your trusted partner in customised backup solutions

If the thought of losing valuable business data leaves you feeling cold, you’re not alone! At The Missing Link, we make sure that businesses just like yours are prepared to weather any storm, hardware failure, ransomware or human error.







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Why choose SmartPROTECT?

Ultra-fast storage

Ultra-Fast Storage

Powered by Pure Storage FlashBlade, SmartPROTECT recovers your data quickly.

Onshore team

Onshore Team

Our local team provides next level support with a CSAT score consistently over 98%.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Offload long-term compliance or archive data for ultra-low-cost storage.



SmartPROTECT grows with you. Offload long-term backups to public cloud and save.