Video Conferencing Services.

Enrich your meeting experiences with the latest technologies from market-leading vendors

Instant connection with anyone, anywhere

Video conferencing is the preferred method of communication for many businesses. From training sessions to team meetings, from client management to executive catch-ups, connecting over video offers numerous advantages.

Video conferencing has become normalised since the shift to a hybrid workforce with community acceptance and network growth helping to accelerate existing trends. At The Missing Link, we can help to enrich your meeting experiences with a range of user-friendly video conferencing tools.

Every business has different requirements when it comes to video conferencing. The emergence of a remote workforce means now more than ever companies need a reliable video conferencing solution to work confidently from home.

We’ve got you covered, from conference room solutions, headsets and webcams to software; we will ensure your employees can quickly kick-off and run a video conference meeting.

With easy deployment, you can be assured that even the complex solutions will be as easy to use as a phone call, ensuring high user adoption rates.

High-performance, rapid deployment, intuitive to use and cost-effective video conferencing

Video conferencing solutions vary depending on use-case and include everything from desktop solutions to entire broadcast rooms with sound-proofing, high definition cameras and sound set-up. At The Missing Link, we partner with the best-in-breed partners to equip your business with the right video conferencing equipment and hardware. 

Vanish the distance of a disbursed workforce

Reduce costs

There is no need to fly staff from interstate or spend on other travel when face to face meetings can be held from the comfort of anywhere and any device.

Enriched experience

Face-to-face interactions hold more value than voice interactions, meet people near and far and get the real sense of human connection that traditional meetings have.

Increase productivity

Users can connect from any device at any time and share screens or content in a few easy clicks.

Total video solutions

We can enable video conferencing for desktop, devices, huddles spaces or conference rooms – whatever your business needs, we can deliver.

Communications unified

Connect your voice, video, data and applications; collaborate with anyone, anywhere, no matter the device or operating system in use.

Enable flexible working

Video conferencing supports flexible, remote and mobile working, enabling simple collaboration and communication. Users can connect from wherever they are on any device.


  • What are the benefits of video conferencing?

    Video conferencing is the perfect middle ground between traditional on-site meetings and telephone conversations. This powerful form of assembly allows people to connect and communicate with ease, regardless of their geographic location. Compared to traditional meetings, video conferencing improves meeting attendance and eliminates travel time and costs. Compared to voice-only calls, video conferencing provides a much richer and more productive experience.

  • What technology is needed for video conferencing?

    Video conferencing is a broad term used to describe a range of connectivity protocols. A variety of hardware and software can be used, from software-based tools to advanced hardware solutions. At The Missing Link, we provide tailored video conferencing solutions that work for your business. From simple desktop solutions to dedicated broadcast rooms with high-definition cameras, we partner with leading providers to keep your business connected.

  • How do you integrate video conferencing tools?

    Video conferencing tools are easy to integrate with your existing workflow. We offer video conferencing services that utilise hardware tools, including desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile devices. We can unify your communications needs around a core system, with video and voice designed to integrate with data and applications. Everything is designed to work on your terms and in your environment, from dedicated conference rooms to huddle spaces and reception areas.
    At The Missing Link, we combine a range of services as a complete solution. We are a proven one-stop shop for everything tech, with diverse security and cloud services integrated with advanced automation and video conferencing tools. Our team offers dedicated solutions for hardware and software integration, and hyper-converged infrastructure. We have access to leading technicians and engineers and deliver a strong work ethic rooted in customer care.
    If you're looking for video conferencing in Australia, please contact our team today.

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