Modern Workplace Solutions.

The Missing Link’s modern workplace solutions assist our customers with their digital transformation by providing technology, tools and collaboration to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their staff workdays - your staff can work from anywhere in a secure manner whilst improving their productivity and increasing staff loyalty

A modern workplace solution for your competitive advantage

Microsoft 365

Your workplace productivity hub, Microsoft 365, offers Windows 10, as well as advanced security, device management services and collaboration through teams.

Remote working

Remote working allows staff to work from wherever and whenever they’d like. Instead of commuting daily to the office to work at a desk, staff can work remotely from home, or wherever they please.

SharePoint / OneDrive

Move your company files from traditional file servers to SharePoint & OneDrive to provide secure access without the need of VPNs and fully integrated into Office applications.

Microsoft Teams

Streamline connectivity and collaboration across teams, workplaces, and time zones.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Move your phone system into Microsoft teams so you can make phone calls as well as video calls, chat and file access all via one platform, Microsoft Teams.

Modern Devices

Find the right devices needed to create a flexible and scalable workforce while alleviating concerns.

Device Management

Take control of how your corporate devices (including mobiles) are used even when remote, or even enable your staff to bring their own device.

Windows 365

Securely stream your personalised apps, content, and settings to any device with the world's first Cloud PC.

Transform, engage, collaborate and find your competitive advantage

There’s no time like the present (except the future). Digital transformation will create the modern workspace you need to drive innovation and productivity

In an increasingly mobile world, your organisation needs a purpose-designed modern workplace solution to attract and retain the best talent. At The Missing Link, our awarded infrastructure experts will work closely with you to understand your business needs and customise a workplace design to meet those needs now and into the future. The scalable digital transformation we recommend will facilitate enterprise mobility, enhance employee experience, and drive innovation.

With Microsoft 365 at its core, your teams will be free to work from wherever they are, whenever they need and on multiple devices. They’ll drive innovation, accessing progressive software programs, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher with ease, without leaving the application.

By taking advantage of Microsoft Teams with integrated cloud voice and video calling, team members will connect and collaborate with colleagues, clients, suppliers and stakeholders to drive productivity.

The Microsoft Power Platform (part of Microsoft 365) will also give your users to the ability to automate repetitive tasks using Power Automate, create simple applications with Power Apps and gain insights from data visualisation/analytics/reporting in Power BI.

At The Missing Link, the Microsoft workplace solution we design for your business will facilitate a flexible working environment that saves your company money while boosting innovation and creativity.

Your innovative smart workspace will be intelligent and secure to protect your organisation. Automatic updates with the latest security fixes will keep all your data safe across your entire remote network.

Your partner in modern workplace design

Digital transformation for smart workspaces and remote working.

A modern workplace solution for your competitive advantage

Facilitate flexible working

Your digital workspace will attract team members empowered to work from wherever they want, whenever they need, from any device.

Maximise security

With intelligent security, your Microsoft modern workplace will be equipped with identification and user controls to protect data.

Promote collaboration

Your smart workplace will facilitate collaboration across teams, promote creativity, improve productivity, and enhance employee experience.


  • What is a modern workplace?

    The modern workplace represents a new culture; a new way of working. Driven by employee demand for flexible working arrangements, modern workplace solutions deliver the perfect balance of human resources and technology to enable your team members to work alone or collaborate with ease and security. By taking advantage of tools such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and calling/voice applications, modern workplaces enable employees to work from wherever they are, whenever they wish and on the device of their choice. Thanks to digital transformation, teams can collaborate globally, exchanging ideas and engaging in creative conversations in real-time for greater productivity.

  • Why transition to a modern workplace?

    Traditional workplaces are no longer an option. Businesses that want to attract superior team members need to offer flexible working environments that enable millennials - the bulk of the workforce - to work wherever they want, whenever they want, and make an impact. Modern workplace solutions provide the tools required for innovation and collaboration. Importantly, because they facilitate flexible working environments, they have been shown to save companies money while also boosting performance and productivity. As well as attracting the best staff, digital workplaces are successfully retaining staff over the long term.

  • What are the reasons to adopt a modern workplace?

    Modern workplaces attract the top talent, promoting staff communication and collaboration, productivity and retention. In an increasingly global economy, enterprise mobility enables employees to work together or alone, think more deeply, solve more problems, and get more done. A smart workspace with an intelligent, secure remote network delivers the perfect balance of technology and human resources, reduces costs, boosts innovation, and provides your company with a competitive advantage.

  • How does the modern workplace benefit us?

    Through intelligent, secure remote networking, modern workplace solutions open up international opportunities for growth and expansion. A Microsoft modern workplace enables increasingly dispersed teams to work alone or together wherever and whenever they’re needed and on their choice devices. Thanks to secure digital workspaces equipped with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and calling/voice apps, individuals and teams enjoy more effective communication and collaboration. Additionally, businesses are benefiting from greater innovation, and they’re making operational savings.

  • How can you be confident that data is secure in a modern workplace environment?

    Creating a smart workspace that provides your organisation with opportunities for remote working within a secure environment is challenging. The Missing Link’s product specialists will work with you to customise a secure, highly reliable platform that will facilitate innovation and productivity. Your modern workplace solution will be built on the Microsoft 365 platform, ensuring security, mobility and user-friendly device management for a positive employee experience. We’ll design single sign-on access for employees with multi-factor authentication, and we’ll offer a comprehensive security stack and threat intelligence, with built-in protections against modern threats.

  • What are the core elements of Microsoft’s modern workplace?

    Microsoft 365 provides the ultimate platform for modern workplace solutions, enabling employees to quickly and securely access Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher from any authorised device within your remote network. With Teams integrated into Microsoft 365, team members can also maximise efficiencies by accessing tools including SharePoint, Planner and Power BI, switching seamlessly between each to edit documents, share dashboards and planners. Intelligent, secure and with integrated cloud voice and video, users can make and receive phone calls without leaving the application.

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