Device Management.

Our team will manage the implementation, operation and maintenance of your physical devices so you can work with ease

Our team will manage your devices, so you don’t have to

Protect your essential data whilst allowing your staff to use their devices for what they need

Traditionally, staff would only use their desktops when working in the office, and these devices couldn’t be taken home. Since the introduction of remote working and collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams, staff work remotely and take their devices with them, such as laptops and mobile phones.

At The Missing Link, we’ll configure your devices to ensure security without compromising workplace collaboration & efficiency. While modern workplace solutions have many benefits, your business must manage devices to protect sensitive information and data. To do this, our team will help you patch applications to ensure they are secure, monitoring your online security and overseeing the rollout of devices across the workplace.

Devices such as laptops and mobile phones will often be taken home by staff, especially if they work from home or remotely. It is therefore essential to ensure these devices are managed to keep business data and sensitive information secure. We’ll ensure your devices are securely configured with the right systems so your staff can work remotely with ease.

Your partner in skilled Device Management

Our highly trained team will securely monitor and manage your business’ devices that regularly access sensitive business data. We’ll keep your data and information safe without hindering employee productivity or collaboration.

Secure device management with maximum productivity

Trusted service

At The Missing Link, we work with highly sensitive business data, so we understand the importance of treating it with care and ensuring it remains safe and secure.

Work flexibly with ease

We’ll securely manage your devices to ensure they remain safe, so your staff can work flexibly and remotely with ease.

Focus on meaningful work

Our team will manage our devices, so you don't have to.

Enable BYOD

Boost productivity by allowing your staff to work with devices they are familiar with.

Keep data safe

Remotely locate, lock and wipe corporate data from a device if it is lost or stolen.

Perfect Partner Experience