Hybrid Cloud.

A holistic approach to IT consumption, matching the right solution to the right job

Meet regulations and work from the cloud with a hybrid cloud solution

With hybrid cloud, you get the same cloud benefits like elasticity, flexibility and pay-per-use, while meeting your business requirements

Hybrid cloud provides a holistic approach to IT consumption. The solution combines the benefits of public cloud with those of a private cloud.

If you work in an industry that requires businesses to store highly sensitive data on-premise to comply with regulations, our hybrid cloud solution is for you. Hybrid cloud allows your business to access the benefits of cloud whilst also meeting business regulations. Therefore, your business can store highly sensitive data in a way that complies with regulations, whilst less sensitive data can be stored in a cloud.

Alternatively, some companies aren’t suited to a total cloud environment due to workload types or internet access. Our specialists will work with you to determine what business functions need to sit where and provide a long-term hybrid cloud strategy for your business. Implementing a hybrid cloud will also allow your business to reduce costs, as there are less hardware and software purchases upfront. This reduces capital and operational costs, including warranties and update fees.

Managing your Hybrid Cloud environment can get complex, so The Missing Link can assist you by implementing management tools and automation or take care of the management completely with our Managed Services.

Experience the cloud's elasticity and flexibility whilst still meeting your business requirements with our customised hybrid cloud solution.

Your partner in flexible data storage

Meet your industry regulations and work from the cloud with a hybrid solution that is flexible and customised for your business.

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Streamlined IT solutions to suit your business needs

A cloud solution tailored for you

We provide a customised cloud solution to deliver the best performance for your business needs.

Increase collaboration

Work securely in a flexible and mobile manner. Access centralised data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Solutions you can trust

At The Missing Link, our team of certified engineers will seamlessly introduce a hybrid cloud solution.

Enhanced agility

Leverage the cloud in times of heavy usage, reducing outages and downtime.

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  • What is a hybrid cloud, and why might it be the right solution for your business?

    Hybrid cloud solutions are a mixed environment that may include on-premises, private cloud and public cloud elements. The ability to choose which elements to include in your customised solution and exactly where the data and software you use will reside makes hybrid cloud architecture one of the most flexible options for companies. It can be an ideal solution for businesses in Australia that wish to take advantage of cloud services whilst retaining full control of their IT infrastructure.

    The Missing Link provides hybrid cloud services to enterprises in all industries, working with in-house IT teams to develop customised solutions that address the specific needs and concerns of individual clients. Whatever your requirements and whatever type of hybrid cloud computing environment you wish to create, we can deliver a solution that is perfect for your business.

  • How can Professional hybrid cloud services in Australia change your organisation?

    As a multi-award-winning company providing specialist IT services, The Missing Link is the only hybrid cloud solution provider you need. We have designed, developed and deployed advanced hybrid cloud solutions for some of the most well-known organisations in Australia, and it would be our pleasure to do the same for your company. We also provide comprehensive hybrid cloud management services so you can take advantage of everything a hybrid solution has to offer, without having to worry about configuration issues, routine maintenance or future upgrades. We will make sure that your hybrid cloud continues to meet all of your requirements in the most efficient manner possible.

  • What do we offer as a hybrid cloud solution provider?

    We offer a full range of Managed IT Services and corporate IT solutions, including Data Backup and Recovery, Managed Networking solutions, Hardware and Software services, 24/7/365 IT Support, IT Consulting and IT Procurement services. To find out exactly what we can do for your business, please call 1300 865 865 during business hours or contact us by email at any time. We look forward to building a hybrid cloud solution that supports your business in all its endeavours for many years to come.