Save with AWS Cloud Optimisation.

Maximise the value and reduce your public cloud spend

How would you describe your company’s ability to track, manage and optimise public cloud related costs?

Here at The Missing Link, we provide in-depth knowledge across the public cloud – from planning and designing to building and optimising workloads.

Our FREE cloud assessment is designed to help you achieve total visibility cloud management – all in one place – to immediately uncover a cost saving of up to 30%.

We have the right tools, processes and highly specialised cloud architects that will generate a report into your current cloud usage, help you take clear, prioritised steps to eliminate wasted spend. Our team will also identify architectural improvements, including security and compliance, to help you eliminate risks in your cloud environment.

By taking our FREE cloud assessment, you will:

  • Reduce Costs: add dollars back into your budget by identifying immediate opportunities for savings.
  • Eliminate Risks: implement best practice architecture with our review of your security, governance and compliance.
  • Gain Control: make better decisions faster with a single view into your cloud costs, usage and performance.
  • Accelerate Value: achieve a better ROI by reducing cloud infrastructure costs and improving efficiencies.

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