Our business is IT & Cloud, Cyber Security & Automation.

IT & Cloud

Dependable IT Infrastructure and Cloud is essential for everyday business. You can rely on our expert team to; plan, manage, upgrade or provide new end-to-end solutions, in a realistic timeframe.

Cyber Security

The attack surface of your business is not only growing but is no longer contained within the traditional physical boundaries of an office. Our specialists will help ensure that your most valuable assets are protected.


Your star recruit is no longer your most profitable employee. Our 'digital workers' can create efficiencies, improve accuracy and productivity to transform your business. Our experienced team will make RPA a reality for you.

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Most businesses know what they would like to achieve, but many need help when it comes to the right technology to get them there. That’s where we come in.

There’s no secret to our success: we’re passionate about responding rapidly to your needs, working collaboratively on solutions, delivering on time and on-budget, and overdelivering on your service expectation.

With over 20 years’ experience, we’re recognised as industry leaders and accredited to the highest levels in the design, delivery, and support of the latest technologies. Today, The Missing Link is one of the most awarded IT companies in Australia.

We are the missing link between where you are and where you want to be.