Professional Services.

Rely on a team of security experts to assess your risk posture, understand business risks, and design and build a secure environment

Expert tailored IT Security resources for your business

Use our Professional Services to assess, design, implement, and manage your IT and Security infrastructure

The Missing Link boasts a team of experts with wide-ranging expertise and thought leaders in their respective fields.

Understanding your risk posture: Understanding your risk posture comes from knowing the vulnerabilities and knowing the threats to your environment. We can assess this risk by conducting Pen Testing or other offensive security activities such as Red Team Attack Simulations.

Tailored resources: If you are looking for resources to help design, build and implement security controls into your IT environment, we can help. We can create High Level or Detailed Level Designs, analyse current state architecture, and design a secure future state architecture.

Industry compliance: Many organisations have requirements to comply with industry or Government regulations or align with specific best practice frameworks. We can help you assess your business against these and help put together a gap assessment of risks and help build out a strategic roadmap of recommendations to help get your business on the right journey.

Strategy conversations: With our team of dedicated Security Architects and Consultants to help with strategy conversations, you can enjoy support from one of the most highly certified Blue and Red teams.

Your partner in Professional Services

The Missing Link team is made up of multi award winning Security Consultants and Architectures. Our track record of security research and discovering zero-day vulnerabilities makes us your perfect Professional Services partner.

We design and build exceptional security solutions into your IT infrastructure

Reduce and manage security risk

Assess, reduce and manage your security risk with the right professional consultants by your side.

Identify your biggest risks

We can identify and qualify any risk associated with staff or vendors and strategise the best ways to mitigate it.

Manage and protect your business

Implement the right security services for applications and data, as well as your staff. identity and access services.

Support existing IT teams

Free up internal IT resources to focus on what’s important. The Missing Link team can provide the extra, tailored resources for your business.

Perfect Partner Experience