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Do you know your average time to patch?

Patching is critical to the productivity and security of every organisation, and for many, it's a legal obligation - if a business does not meet industry compliance standards, fines may be issued.

However, tracking security vulnerabilities, testing and deploying multiple patches, and reporting on outcomes all takes time. The average time to patch is between 50-160 days - this leaves a wide-open window for cybercriminals to exploit the vulnerability.

At The Missing Link, our Patch Management service ensures software bugs are identified early and fixed swiftly to help keep your systems performing at optimal capacity and reduce your risks of cyber attack. We handle the whole patch management process from assessing your patch status, to implementing an automated patch management solution and helping you develop a more mature vulnerability management policy.

Our experts in Patch Management will work with you to scope out an accurate picture of all your IT assets (including applications) and the vulnerabilities associated with each. 

Once we've completed a vulnerability assessment, we'll prioritise vulnerabilities to identify critical patches that need to be deployed. Our patching process will reduce your risks by effectively remediating the issues with a strategic Patch Management policy.

We will maintain a keen eye on software solutions across your IT environment - including your operating system, endpoint and applications to ensure security upgrades are effectively implemented, patch compliance is maintained, and errors are fixed promptly. We'll also proactively implement managed upgrades so you can be sure your team is operating with maximum efficiency and security, whether they're working in your office or from remote locations.

Importantly, if a patch installation fails to install we'll have a backup plan ready to implement that keeps your systems running and protects your people, processes and devices from danger.

Your partner in Patch Management solutions

The Missing Link's Patch Management solutions will keep your IT system and devices safe in an increasingly challenging environment.

Keep your IT system and devices safe

Protection for your IT environment

Within increasingly complex IT environments, Patch Management services are essential to protect your business from cybercrime.

Manage vulnerabilities

Our solution automates the patch deployment across operating systems and applications to reduce your security risk.

Maximise uptime, maintain compliance

Patch Management will maximise productivity and ensure compliance by keeping software and applications up to date and running smoothly.


Our your patch manager we will apply software and security updates, patches and fixes across Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.

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  • What is a Patch Management?

    Patch Management is critical to maintaining your IT environment and protecting your business from cyber-crime. Our experts will take care of your operating systems and applications - to ensure they comply with industry standards, maximise operating performance and protect your people, processes, and business from cyber-attack.

    The Missing Link's strategic, cloud-based Patch Management software solution will monitor relevant upgrades to your IT environment, promptly identify any bugs and have them fixed before criminals have the chance to exploit your systems. We'll also apply patches to upgrade the features and functionality of your existing IT system. In doing so, we'll boost your team's performance.

    Our process and tailored patch policy will enable you to optimize and automate vulnerability management across endpoints at scale while giving you the speed and flexibility needed to deploy a critical security patch for a security vulnerability quickly.

  • Why do I need Patch Management?

    IT security is more critical today than ever before as cyber-criminal activity escalates around the world. The threats are present from within and outside your organisation, and increasingly complex, flexible working arrangements further challenge your ability to protect people, processes and your business. With stakeholders and team members accessing your IT systems remotely, comprehensive security services are now essential for endpoint management.

    Unpatched software leaves your system open to hackers and cybercriminals who will exploit vulnerabilities and cause costly damage to you and your users. Our Patch Management process allows your workforce to patch from anywhere - quickly remediating software vulnerabilities that would otherwise put your people and processes at risk of attack.

  • What are the benefits of Patch Management?

    A strategic Patch Management service will ensure errors in software updates across your operating systems, applications, and embedded systems are quickly fixed before they put your organisation at risk. Additionally, a Patch Management solution will ensure your business is compliant with industry regulations, protecting you from fines and penalties that may otherwise ensue.

    Furthermore, by implementing patches to update your technology with improved features and functionality, you can ensure your team is operating with the best available resources.

  • What are best practices in Patch Management?

    Best practice Patch Management ensures unpatched vulnerabilities are identified and remediated quickly before they can be exploited. This is essential as cybercriminals become increasingly efficient in taking advantage of errors in software updates and third party apps. With the time to attack decreasing, businesses can no longer ignore the risks and need to have a vulnerability management policy in place. An effective vulnerability management policy should include specific baseline critical measures, including a patch management process.

    Patching is also a part of the ASD essential 8 strategies aimed at mitigating up to 85% of targeted attacks on your business. At The Missing Link, our best practice Patch Management process will involve creating an inventory and assigning risk levels to your system with cloud-based, we'll regularly scan for relevant software updates and ensure patches are applied strategically, where required.

    Click here to read more about our best practices for patch management.

  • What is automated Patch Management?

    With new software vulnerabilities being introduced to the market daily, it's no wonder that there's an increase in IT teams experiencing patch fatigue. Fortunately, one way to stay on top of patch management is to automate. Automated Patch Management tools that are policy-driven can help secure your devices and maintain peak performance and compliance for your IT environment - without the complex and time-consuming task. Automated patching significantly reduces the time your endpoints stay unpatched.

    Automated Patch Management software can also equip your teams with the information to understand endpoint vulnerability and the tools they need to automate software patching across endpoints.

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