The Missing Link's Data Protection Unit is re-imagining data loss prevention with a modern approach that protects data everywhere it goes, from cloud to endpoint, while delivering high efficacy results.

91% of breaches start with emails.* Could your organisation be next?

We can help bulletproof your business.

Did you know you can simplify the complex task of securing data using our powerful partnership with Netskope? 

Together, we create robust cyber security strategies for organisations of all sizes, safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against cyber threats.  

Our team addresses the challenges of securing sensitive data in the cloud, where traditional security measures are often ineffective.  

Our experts help you access a comprehensive security framework that: 

  • Enables secure data sharing across different platforms, 
  • Empowers safe collaboration,  
  • Can flex with your organisation’s needs as they change over time, 
  • Maintains compliance; and, 
  • Protects against external threats. 


*Forbes, 2023




Expert guidance from industry leaders 

Safeguarding Healthcare Data in the Cloud Era:
5 Requirements for Modern Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

Safeguarding Government Data in the Cloud Era:
5 Requirements for Modern Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

Safeguarding Financial Data in the Cloud Era:
5 Requirements for Modern Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 


Our experts cover five essential pillars to ensure your data is protected at all times

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    Data classification 
    Knowing the value of your data is essential to protecting it. Easily understand and classify your data, identifying what is most valuable and needs the most protection. 

    Cindi Stanislas

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    Prevention is the key to staying ahead of cyber threats. Control who has access to your data, identify channels where attacks can occur and prevent cyber threats before they happen.

    Paul Friend

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    Detection & discovery  
    Effective monitoring of data movements and flows is crucial for timely detection and response to cyber threats. Track data locations, access logs, and monitor activities to swiftly respond to potential risks.

    David Bingham

  • Zoaib Nafar TMLS

    Protecting your data requires a comprehensive operational security framework. We assign accountability for data protection and establish layers of controls to ensure responsible parties are held liable. Get customisable security policies and workflows that align with industry standards and best practices.  

    Zoaib Nafar  
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     Enforcement & remediation
    Enforcing policies and educating staff about data security can prevent data breaches. We provide overarching governance, risk mitigation, and policy enforcement to keep your data safe, and your staff informed.  
    Maddie Rothwell

Data creation and collection is growing 

 Cloud transformation and the transition to a hybrid workforce both present significant challenges for organisations looking to reinforce data security. A robust cyber security strategy is essential. Here’s how we can assist. 
Identity Security
Features include identity and access management, multifactor authentication, and data loss prevention 
Cloud Security
Cloud data protection, shadow IT discovery, and cloud access security broker (CASB) integration. 
Detection & Response
Real-time threat detection, security analytics, and automated incident response. 


We enable the future of work, redefine risk management and data protection, and simplify operations

ENT_Data Protection_Stop risky users

Reduce risk 
Significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, minimising the impact of cyber threats on your business. 

ENT_Data Protection_Prevent data loss

Customise protection 
Comply with industry regulations, including the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Government's Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).


ENT_Security Defensive_Raise Visibility

Increase visibility 
Leverage complete visibility over cloud services, so you can monitor and protect data in the cloud. 

ENT_Video Conferencing_increase productivity

Enhance productivity  
Boost productivity by reducing the time and resources required to manage cyber security risks. 


ENT_Backup and Recovery_Restore and Failover Testing

Get rapid incident response  
Minimise the impact of a breach and reduce downtime with our customised SLA options. 


ENT_Telephony_reduce costs

Enjoy cost-effectiveness 
Comprehensive cyber security protection at an affordable price

Perfect Partner Experience 

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Netskope is redefining Cloud, Network, and Data Security, empowering security teams with the right balance of protection and speed they need to secure their organisation’s digital transformation journey. 

The organic adoption of cloud and mobile in the enterprise presents challenges for security teams when it comes to managing risk without slowing down the business. Security has traditionally managed risk by applying heavy-handed controls, but today’s business wants to move fast without having velocity throttled. 

Netskope delivers a modern cloud security stack, with unified capabilities for data and threat protection, plus secure private access. Use Netskope to understand your cloud risks and safely enable the cloud and web with granular policy controls for all users, locations, and devices. 

About us


For over 25 years, The Missing Link has helped businesses across Australia and the United Kingdom realise their potential with IT & Cloud, Cyber Security, and Automation solutions and services. We are one of Australia's most awarded providers and deliver premium results through strong vendor relationships, a high Customer Satisfaction Score, and a team of 180+ local experts.