Managed IT Services.

Our Managed IT Services features an industry-leading CSAT score that is consistently near 100%

How Managed IT supports your business goals

Managed IT (Information Technology) Services can help your business move forward into the digital age, leveraging the cloud to bring you full stability and allowing you to scale your company without outsized IT costs.

The Missing Link delivers end-to-end Managed IT Services, providing you with the technology solution you need to take your business to the next level. We can support your existing IT team or provide you with a fully remote Service Desk to handle all of your IT needs.

Your IT department is designed to maintain, service and support everything internet-related for your business, from configuring new devices to maintaining connectivity and supporting your infrastructure.

The right technology makes it possible for you and your employees to access the internet, communicate with each other, manage data transfers and maintain one or more websites.

Well-managed IT is essential to the processes of marketing your products and/or services, managing sales and support for your customers, and completing all of the back-end administrative tasks related to inventory, data analysis and more.

The advantages of outsourced IT service management over an in-house IT department have been hotly debated but using a third-party vendor to manage some or all of your IT support needs can deliver a wide range of benefits.

With an IT-Managed Services provider, you can obtain 24-hour support that scales up and down according to your needs, supporting your business goals and facilitating growth.

You can also tap into expertise and knowledge of the latest in technological advances, skills that can be difficult to acquire in a competitive landscape where IT specialists are highly in demand.

By turning to a Managed Service provider, you can keep the highly technical skills you need on tap, from cybersecurity expertise to a complete disaster recovery plan and cloud backup that are ready to go when needed.

What really makes Managed IT Services worth it is the increased likelihood of business continuity. The increased security of a high-quality cloud platform can mean your organisational data is safer from cyberattacks, and redundant data backups can help you switch seamlessly if one dataset becomes compromised due to a breach or a natural disaster taking down a data center.

The benefits of Managed IT Services for Australian businesses are many. When you opt to have a remote managed services team take over your IT responsibilities in whole or in part, you can help ensure:

Increased productivity

Your existing team will have extra time to spend on other tasks that they are more passionate about and which are more closely aligned with your core business objective, leading to higher productivity levels.

Enhanced efficiency

Since your employees will be able to focus on what they know best instead of constantly battling IT issues, efficiency also goes up, making everyone in your company feel more valuable.

Cost savings

With experts on tap 24/7, your organisation runs more smoothly and effectively, maximising revenues and cutting the costs associated with unexpected downtime. Proactive maintenance makes all the difference when it comes to IT management.

Maximised uptime

Having a Managed IT Services provider delivering consistent, continual service and remote monitoring means fewer unexpected periods of downtime. When your uptime is assured, your organisation continues to be profitable.

Key areas of IT Service management

When you choose to outsource your IT needs, you can gain access to a dedicated team that is capable of managing everything IT-related, including:

Hardware, software and hyper-converged infrastructure: comprehensive IT support for the mainstays of your business setup includes hardware configuration needs, software updates and patch deployments, and robust infrastructure support.

Cyber security: cyber security is becoming more important than ever with increased dependency on mobile devices and work-from-home employees creating new vulnerabilities in your network. Managed IT can also include continual monitoring for security issues.

Cloud services: cloud computing is what is allowing modern companies to scale at will, permitting data storage to be expanded as needed and high-bandwidth operations to be performed at a lower cost.

Unified communications: your company's internal and external voice and omnichannel systems can be moved into the cloud for fully unified communication, delivering seamless user and customer experiences.

All of the above can be covered under Managed IT Services, which are delivered remotely through the same cloud interface to keep your entire organisation running smoothly.

Choosing a Managed Services provider

What should you look for in a Managed IT Services provider? This is a serious technology investment. There are plenty of fly-by-night companies offering managed IT that don't have the track record, experience or bandwidth to adequately serve the needs of your organisation. To ensure you make a wise choice, review each vendor you are considering with the following criteria in mind.

  • Flexible, scalable plans

    What type of plan does the service provider offer? If plans are complicated and have a lot of fine print, chances are you'll be getting charged for a lot of stuff you don't really need, or else you'll find yourself in crisis only to learn that certain services aren't included in your service plan.

    Look for a simple, easy-to-understand billing agreement, with transparency around what is and isn't included. If you're unclear about anything in the contract, seek advice from experts before signing, and avoid companies that want to lock you into a multi-year agreement but are cagey about what their responsibilities are when it comes to continuous improvement and staying up to date with changing technology and data compliance regulations.

  • Robust customer support

    When you need customer support, you usually need it right away. You don't have time to wait until business hours begin in a different part of the world or to try and explain a complex problem to a chatbot that is only able to deliver answers from a preprogrammed FAQ. Ask what kind of support is promised, when and how it will be delivered, and what your options are in an emergency.

  • Service level agreement

    Uptime is critical to your company. If your organisation isn't accessible to your customer base, you aren't making money. A service level agreement (SLA) will promise a certain level of uptime, typically well over 99%, as well as a response time during outages within a specific time frame. If the Managed Services provider fails to meet these obligations, they will typically be subject to a penalty (often a period of free service to make up for their breach of service.)


It's time to expect more from your IT provider

A Managed Service Provider can give your systems ongoing maintenance and management, virus control and protection, day-to-day management system, disaster recovery, operational efficiency and end-user support. Partner with The Missing Link and expect more - more security, more service, more productivity and even more love from your IT managed service provider.

We've rebuilt our Managed IT Service from the ground up into what we believe is Australia's best offering, with a CSAT of 100%. Delivered with just one simple monthly payment, our service covers your critical IT infrastructure and your end-users.

Our Managed IT Service will deliver outsourced support, maintenance and monitoring of your critical infrastructure and end-users with expertise, including proactive device management to minimise future issues and reactive support when you need it most.

We will support your staff wherever they are using our remote access tools, send engineers to your office for the bigger jobs and eliminate all your IT worries. The best thing is we will do it all without a bot insight. We are real people who offer real service, and don't just take our word for it: we get a near 100% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) every month!

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