Network Security Services.

Every business needs to protect its network from the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks

Ensure your network is reliable, safe and fast

Protect your organisation's assets and integrity of data while managing your network traffic more efficiently

If your business works with networked data and systems, then Network Security should be high on your priority list. In the mobile and cloud-first world we live in, content security is critical to keep your employee’s safe.

Network Security is not all about mitigating the negatives. There are many positives, including increased application performance and a higher quality user experience, resulting in increased business productivity, agility, and reduced IT costs.

It's important to understand that Network Security covers a broad range of services that The Missing Link specialise in, including; Network and Access Control, Next-Gen Firewall, Web & Email Security, Network Sandoxing and Application Security.

This collection of services has the same fundamental goals: to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorised access to your data, emails, systems, and more. Focused on managing secure access to internal as well as cloud-based resources without affecting the end user experience.

Ultimately, our solution promotes your network's reliability by preventing lagging and downtimes through continuous monitoring of any suspicious transaction that can sabotage the system. This includes stopping email and cloud-based threats, protecting your sensitive data, reducing the success of phishing and malware.

Your partner in Network Security

When you choose The Missing Link as your partner in Network Security, our on-shore specialist, 'Blue Team' of Architects and Engineers, will develop, design and deploy your Network Security solution.

Protect the confidentiality and accessibility of your businesses data, including email, web, cloud and more

Secure access

Gain secure access to network and systems – both internal and cloud-based.

Stay protected

Stop hackers in their tracks, keep your systems and data safe.

End to end visibility

Monitor malicious traffic or transactions that can compromise your systems and applications.

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