Managed Internet Service.

As an internet service provider, we can supply all types of connections for businesses – wireless, fibre, NBN

It's simple: we provide connections to the internet

Connect to the internet, or connect to datacentres, the cloud or between offices

As a holistic IT partner, we provide connections to the internet whilst also supporting an end-to-end solution. No matter your needs, we will provide a tailored internet solution that allows you to connect to the cloud, datacentres, and even between offices.

At The Missing Link, we aren't tied to a single network provider, which means we can create a private network to suit your business needs. We leverage all major infrastructure – both wired and wireless - to ensure your customised solution meets all of your needs.

We can supply all types of connections for business – wireless, fibre, NBN. These connections can be direct to the internet, private WAN/MPLS, or point-to-point connections across Australia.

Our partners operate backbones in Australia and New Zealand, meaning we work with them to give you the best available connectivity options.

Your holistic IT partner

The Missing Link provides tailored network solutions to your business.

Seamless, simple connectivity

End-to-end solution

We are a holistic IT partner, meaning we can provide and support an end-to-end solution.

Totally independent

We aren't tied to a single network provider, so we are wholly focused on providing the best solution for our clients, no matter the provider.

Connect with ease

Our qualified team will connect your business to the internet simply and seamlessly, providing assistance and support along the way.


  • I'm ready to switch to NBN, where do I start?

    NBN access network is rolling out across the country, providing businesses big and small with fast access to everything from internet and emails to advanced video conferencing, VR, AI, cloud storage, multi-site integration, and sophisticated data analytics services.

    However, once the NBN is in your area, you'll have just 18 months to make the switch. To ensure your business is not disrupted as the current copper network is switched off, you'll need to develop a migration plan.

    At The Missing Link, our team is accredited as NBN business advisers. We can help you select the wholesale business-grade NBN products you'll need to include in your bundle and develop a digital road map for the future. We’ll also liaise with your various providers to develop a smooth migration plan that maximises the potential of the NBN network technology and minimises the possibility of disruption.

    To help prepare you for the switch, use our handy checklist to determine which services and equipment may be affected and find out what you need to do next.

    Contact our friendly team can help your business make the switch seamless and easy.

  • What is the importance of enterprise internet services?

    The internet is the lifeblood of any modern enterprise. Whatever industry you’re in, you need internet connectivity that’s quick, reliable and secure, at prices that don’t blow your budget.
    When you have quality enterprise internet services, you can supercharge your business. You’ll be able to communicate far more effectively, both internally and externally. Without reliable business-grade internet connectivity, your organisation can easily grind to a halt, impacting sales, customer service and your bottom line.
    The importance of quality enterprise internet services continues to escalate as more businesses become more dependent on unified communications, data services, cloud solutions, video conferencing and other internet-based technologies.
    When you find the right enterprise internet services, your business will be able to shift into a higher gear. Your competition will need to watch out!

  • Why are not all enterprise internet providers equal?

    There are a growing number of enterprise internet providers in Australia and the UK. You might be tempted to sign up for one of their special business internet offers without exploring other options. That could be a mistake because you might end up with an internet service provider who is not a good fit for your organisation.
    That’s where IT experts like The Missing Link can help. We work with multiple network providers, meaning we can set you up with an enterprise internet provider who is right for your business.
    The Missing Link will look at the big picture when it comes to your business’s internet needs. We will create a checklist for your enterprise internet services, factors we will take into consideration include:
    • Your bandwidth requirements in terms of security and volume
    • Whether wireless, fibre or NBN best suits your needs
    • Mitigation of cyber risks
    • Customer service, response to troubleshooting and installation timeframes of different enterprise internet providers
    • Future readiness and reliability of upload and download speeds of different providers
    • Scalability
    • Technology compatibility
    • Your budget
    Because we provide a range of IT services, we might be able to package our internet services with other customised tech solutions for your business.

  • What are the different types of enterprise Wi-Fi solutions?

    There are a number of enterprise Wi-Fi solutions available in Australia and the UK, including:
    What is Private Wi-Fi?
    From small offices to multi-level buildings and hospitality sites, Wi-Fi is essential infrastructure for doing business. You’ll need solutions that are private, secure and operational.
    What is Public Wi-Fi?
     Public Wi-Fi is gaining traction in Australia. For hospitality, entertainment, retail and healthcare, providing free public Wi-Fi is becoming a way to enhance customer experience.
    What is Smart building Wi-Fi?
     The new generation of smart buildings uses wireless technology for connectivity to the Internet of Things and data analytics.
    What is Mesh Wi-Fi?
     Mesh Wi-Fi is a wireless service for our times. It’s a hybrid solution of sorts that is becoming popular for seamless connections of multiple access points and sites. Mesh improves the user experience for video conferencing and a variety of other work applications, making it an excellent choice for many enterprises.
    Talk to us today to find out which enterprise Wi-Fi solutions would be best for your business. We will listen carefully to your needs and tailor our enterprise internet solutions accordingly. If your most urgent need is security, we’ll make that a priority. If speed is your number one concern, we’ll address that first and foremost. Our mission is always to help your business move forward.

  • Should I be concerned about my Wi-Fi security?

    Cybercrime is a very real threat. It’s crucial that organisations secure their Wi-Fi properly with encryption, centralised authentication frameworks, next-gen firewalls, intrusion detections, user tracking and whatever else it takes to keep the bad guys out. Separating networks through VLANs and routing policies can also be a good security measure.
    The Missing Link offers fully secured internet services that give you high levels of security at all times.
    Interested in getting the best enterprise internet services? Talk to us about your internet requirements today
    Don’t wait any longer to get the best enterprise internet solutions in Australia and the UK. Call or email us now, and we’ll clearly explain what your options are. We’ll help you choose enterprise-grade internet services that are right for your business. If you’d like to find out about our other IT services such as managed networks, video conferencing or unified communications, we’d be happy to keep talking.

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