As an internet service provider, we can supply all types of connections for businesses – wireless, fibre, NBN

It's simple: we provide connections to the internet

Connect to the internet, or connect to datacentres, the cloud or between offices

As a holistic IT partner, we provide connections to the internet whilst also supporting an end-to-end solution. No matter your needs, we will provide a tailored internet solution that allows you to connect to the cloud, datacentres, and even between offices.

At The Missing Link, we aren't tied to a single network provider, which means we can create a private network to suit your business needs. We leverage all major infrastructure – both wired and wireless - to ensure your customised solution meets all of your needs.

We can supply all types of connections for business – wireless, fibre, NBN. These connections can be direct to the internet, private WAN/MPLS, or point-to-point connections across Australia.

Our partners operate backbones in Australia and New Zealand, meaning we work with them to give you the best available connectivity options.

Your holistic IT partner

The Missing Link provides tailored network solutions to your business.

Seamless, simple connectivity

End-to-end solution

We are a holistic IT partner, meaning we can provide and support an end-to-end solution.

Totally independent

We aren't tied to a single network provider, so we are wholly focused on providing the best solution for our clients, no matter the provider.

Connect with ease

Our qualified team will connect your business to the internet simply and seamlessly, providing assistance and support along the way.

Are you ready for the switch to NBN?

NBN access network is rolling out across the country, providing businesses big and small with fast access to everything from internet and emails to advanced video conferencing, VR, AI, cloud storage, multi-site integration, and sophisticated data analytics services.

However, once the NBN is in your area, you'll have just 18 months to make the switch. To ensure your business is not disrupted as the current copper network is switched off, you'll need to develop a migration plan.

At The Missing Link, our team is accredited as NBN business advisers. We can help you select the wholesale business-grade NBN products you'll need to include in your bundle and develop a digital road map for the future. We’ll also liaise with your various providers to develop a smooth migration plan that maximises the potential of the NBN network technology and minimises the possibility of disruption.

To help prepare you for the switch, use our handy checklist to determine which services and equipment may be affected and find out what you need to do next.

Contact our friendly team can help your business make the switch seamless and easy.

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