Managed Network.

The Missing Link’s certified IT team provides technology, tools and support services to boost your network performance while simplifying its management

Networking solutions and expertise to expand your organisation’s connectivity

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is the key to breaking down silos between a dispersed workforce and bringing them together.

Video Conferencing

Optimise attendance, reduce travel time and cost, and increase productivity with video conferencing.

Microsoft Teams Calling

A fully managed link to your Microsoft Teams through calling, audio conferencing and a call menu system.


As an internet service provider, we can supply all types of connections for businesses – wireless, fibre, NBN.

Reliable & comprehensive network and communications services

At The Missing Link, we’ll design and engineer a managed network and communication service to support your unique business needs

Few businesses have the necessary in-house expertise to design, implement and manage a complex IT network. That’s why, at The Missing Link, we’ve developed a team of network and communication specialists who can customise a state-of-the-art network for your business that’s entirely fit for purpose. 

With an agnostic approach to vendors, the end-to-end solution we design for you will equip your team with the most appropriate devices and connectivity. We ensure they are all configured, connected, and accessed via an optimised, secure network - whether you’re operating with traditional WAN and LAN lines, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) connections or a virtual service hosted in the cloud or hybrid cloud.

Regardless of your business size, the number of locations or geographic spread, your managed network service will connect stakeholders and enhance communication with business tools like web, phone, data, CRM, chat, email and conferencing functionality. 

Your network solution will maximise efficiencies and avoid disruptions with managed routing and switching, optimisation of bandwidth, and proactive maintenance of security third party assets.

Our Managed Services teams will proactively monitor threats, observe user access and behaviours, manage security firewalls and respond to events to maximise your organisation’s security.

To reduce your cost of ownership and management, The Missing Link will pass on advantageous product and service pricing, as well as warranty arrangements that we negotiate with our trusted vendors.

Your partner in managed network and communication 

Managed network and communication, services for a fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective IT environment that gives your enterprise the competitive edge.

Support your unique business needs with Managed Network solutions

An end-to-end solution to optimise your corporate network

The Missing Link will work closely with you to define your information technology goals then design a managed network solution to help you reach them.

Proactive remote IT management to support your enterprise and protect critical data

Our team will minimise the risks of disruption and cyber-attack by proactively maintaining and monitoring your network and responding to events.

A network to maximise returns on your infrastructure management

Whether you have staff working across one office or many, your managed network solution will keep your entire IT infrastructure efficient and reliable.


  • What are managed network services?

    Managed network services optimise the performance and security of your organisation’s infrastructure by seamlessly connecting your people, processes, devices and data. Importantly, managed network services provide remote operation, monitoring and maintenance of your system - whether you’re operating with traditional leased WAN and LAN lines, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) connections or a virtual network service. By monitoring, proactively troubleshooting and supporting your team, your managed network service will enhance productivity and performance.

  • What does it mean to have a managed network and how can it improve your business?

    Whether your organisation has one office, multiple offices with data centres across Australia or international operations, a managed network will provide the cybersecurity, disaster recovery, networking, and wireless services you need for business continuity and success. The Missing Link’s managed network solution can create a new environment or support your existing IT infrastructure, including hardware and configuration, to ensure you gain the benefit of a quick, reliable and secure IT environment that won’t cost the earth.

  • How secure is your network?

    The security of your network is critical to your business success. However, increasingly complex IT environments, complicated by staff working remotely, have challenged many organisations, exposing their networks to the threat of attack, data theft and exposure of confidential enterprise information.

  • What do businesses need for network and communication tools and services?

    There are endless network and communication tools and services available to meet business needs. The trick is to have a designed and engineered solution to suit your organisation’s environment, goals, and budget. The Missing Link’s end-to-end managed network solution can include architecting, implementing and managing everything from software-defined networks to virtual networks in the cloud. Our 24/7 remote managed services include routing and switching, managing communication services that integrate web, phone, data, CRM, chat, email and conferencing, optimising access technologies and bandwidth, maintaining and monitoring third party assets, security, and more. 

  • What are the benefits of managed network services?

    Few organisations have the in-house resources to cost-effectively and efficiently manage their own network. This is especially true in environments where staff work around the clock and are within the office or working remotely. The Missing Link’s managed network solution provides the services of globally recognised IT experts who proactively manage your network and IT assets and respond to issues as they arise. As a result, you can be assured that your network will be optimised for efficiency and security at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house IT specialists.

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