We accelerate your business growth with intelligent automation solutions that scale.

Robotic Process Automation (also known as RPA) is smart technology we use to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks,
  • Free up your employees’ time for higher value work,
  • Speed up company growth; and,
  • Increase profitability.

We extend what RPA can do by integrating A.I. into our automation solutions.

RPA is one of the fastest-growing global markets in the software industry - and for good reason! Harnessed correctly, it can drastically improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

Our solution will work 24/7 to perform any process which requires interaction with digital systems, for example: data entry, data extraction, accounting, and invoicing tasks.  

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Our automation services

Awareness Training


Prepare your business for automation. Educate your team on everything they need to know about rolling out and managing automation initiatives. 



Once you’ve decided to proceed with automation, the key to success is the right implementation approach. We’re experts. 

Managed Service


Automation as a Service means we host and manage your robotic workforce for you! Let us take care of the performance and maintenance of your automation solutions. 

What is RPA? 

RPA is a process automation technology that uses robots to mimic the back-office duties of humans when interacting with software. 

You can define the process for them to complete. Software robots can perform a wide range of actions usually done by humans much faster and more efficiently. 

Software robots can navigate systems, identify data, extract data, understand what’s on a screen, complete the correct keystrokes, and much more. And, since they are robots, they don’t need lunch breaks, vacation days, or sick days. They do all the mundane tasks, so your employees won’t have to. 

What are the benefits of RPA?

Create efficiencies

Manage straightforward and more complex manual tasks quickly and within the rules you define.

Get more accurate & consistent

Complete repetitive tasks with greater accuracy than a human workforce, from filling in forms to managing payroll.

Reduce costs

processing time to complete repetitive tasks and freeing human employees for more valuable work.

Improve customer experience

Boost turnaround times and increase the capacity of your humans to interact with your customers

Why use The Missing Link for your RPA?

Fully managed service

We’re flexible! We can set you up to manage your own automation, but we also provide hosting and managed services, so you don’t have to do it all. This enables our clients to focus on their core business. 
Our plans are scalable, ranging from self-managed to a fully managed service


Tried and tested solutions

Our team has tested the leading automation solutions in the market. As a result, we’ll know the best solution for your context.

You shouldn't trust a skinny chef. That's why we've tried and tested our solutions on ourselves.


Better standards and governance

We've developed standards which ensure consistency in solution design, making our automation more robust and easier to maintain. Plus, we’ll help you develop the right governance for your automation programme.

The Missing Link has standards to ensure our automation is robust and easy to maintain


Process improvement

Take advantage of our process improvement skills to ensure that your processes are well-defined, improved and standardised before we start automating. 

We'll improve your processes before we implement RPA to ensure you get the best possible outcome



  • How can RPA be applied practically?

    RPA implementation can automate virtually any repetitive task in the front or back office that requires human intervention. RPA bots can be used for data entry as well as data extraction from websites or documents.

  • Is RPA the same as AI?

    While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are different, they are inter-linked, and many organisations benefit from both.
    Software robots automates manual, repetitive business processes by performing the same way every time. This allows staff to be re-deployed to more complex tasks.
    AI simulates human intelligence processes, and unlike RPA technology, can acquire, learn and adapt using information and contextual rules. By making decisions and automating end-to-end solutions, AI can replace human labour. Where appropriate, we combine an RPA tool with artificial intelligence to extend the capabilities of automation.

  • Does RPA use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are different, they are inter-linked, and many organisations benefit from both.
    RPA robots automate manual, repetitive business processes by performing them the same way every time. This allows staff to be re-deployed to more complex tasks. AI simulates human intelligence and, unlike RPA technology, can deal with ambiguity or unstructured data in a process.
    Where appropriate, we combine an RPA tool with AI to extend the capabilities of automation.

  • How is RPA different from Intelligent Automation (IA)?

    RPA and Intelligent Automation (IA) reduce operations costs and increase customer satisfaction. But automation and intelligence are two different technologies. RPA focuses on automating repetitive, rule-based activities using software robots.
    IA is a form of process automation that uses artificial intelligence technology such as machine learning, intelligent document processing, structured data interaction, and natural language processing to decide how best to manage data and automate tasks.

  • Where is RPA used?

    RPA has huge potential which is growing by the day. Businesses across all industries can use RPA bots to complete manual tasks ranging from opening emails and applications and completing simple form-filling tasks to managing payroll and complex financial transactions.
    However, the potential doesn't stop there. Some examples of the processes we’ve automated include:
    • Running business activity statements, processing invoices and reconciling for Mackay Goodwin.
    • Mandatory public reporting and monthly board report analysis for a NSW public sector agency.
    • Submitting, following up, remediating, and processing purchase orders for SouthTrade.
    • Bank statement data extraction and analysis for Aston Chace Group.
    • Employee onboarding, offboarding and security vulnerability email generation for a technology services firm.

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