Bringing speed and accuracy to the public sector reporting process.  

  The Missing Link's work with this NSW Government Agency included an RPA solution for reporting purposes.

A key responsibility of each NSW Government Agency is financial reporting. For our client, this involves translating detailed data from financial systems into annual financial report tables for mandatory public reporting and for monthly board reports.  

Aside from demanding a great deal of manual effort to complete, these reports must be presented in a specific format and gather information from disparate sources. Their team was also manually compiling monthly analysis for board reports. 

Our client needed to streamline this arduous reporting process, so that they could redirect that time and energy to higher value activities – but numerous attempts to do this had fallen short of expectations. 

The NSW Government Agency decided to approach The Missing Link for support. 

Building robust automated analysis

We partnered with the agency to explore how automation could help alleviate the strain of compiling the financial report tables from their legacy systems. Our solution delivered more accurate financial analysis and insights than humans could and did so in a fraction of the time. The outputs included automated checks and balances to reduce the need for human intervention. 

The result? Our solution significantly sped up the production time for their annual reports. We also accelerated the turnaround time for delivery of monthly board report tables. 

Minimising double handling

Our experts developed complex mapping of accounts to a range of necessary budgeting metrics to reduce the time spent by the NSW Government Agency’s team producing accurate reports. This mapping meant we could also minimise the amount of rework needed to get each report’s data 100% correct.  

It is imperative that public sector reports are prepared to the highest standards. Prior to the implementation of our automated solution, each report needed multiple reviews and went through many revisions to ensure accuracy. 

The new process is much smoother, and the client is ecstatic with the attention to detail and accuracy of the automated financial tables prepared using automation.

Collaborating with important stakeholders 

We worked with a wide range of stakeholders in the design and testing stages to ensure that the solution was practical to use and robust. These stakeholders included finance leaders and analysts.  

Future-proofing this public sector organisation’s investment 

Our solution is built to be intuitive for the agency staff to use and will accommodate future changes in their organisational structure and reporting metrics. Their new valuable tool is configurable by the end-users to accommodate these future variations. 

A short but sweet engagement 

In just 3 months, we have achieved the targeted outcomes for our client and vastly improved a historically challenging process for their team. They have been grateful for our attentiveness and expertise throughout the project. Reports that used to take a team of consultants three weeks to compile the data for, now has better quality data produced for them in under an hour. 

Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage automation experts committed to building greater efficiencies for your organisation, like our industry-leading work with this NSW Government Agency. 


Rhiannon Kenyon