Daniel Forsythe

Executive Director

The famous quote by Omar Khayyam "Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life", has guided me in my adult life to follow two passions to the extreme; technology and cycling.

When I started The Missing Link with my business partner, Alex Gambotto, over 20 years ago, I had no idea about the whirlwind journey we were about to embark on – through the years the hard work has paid off and we have built an IT company which I love and am very proud about being part of. I take pride in my analytical skills and logical approach to problem-solving which have helped our organisation to translate client’s technical requirements into commercial success.

As an Executive Director, I set up the company’s strategic direction in its early days, as well as led the technical team until recently. I believe what sets The Missing Link apart are our people, they are definitely our most valuable asset, they’re passionate, determined and highly skilled.

‘This moment’ for me right now is cycling, I am immensely passionate about it and I ride about 30,000 kms every year. I started riding seriously from 2007 and I actively compete in Australia’s longest one-day races - one of my highlights so far, was when I won the Gran Fondo National Championship.

I take a keen interest in science, sports science and nutrition and in my downtime could be found watching documentaries about these subjects.

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