IT Procurement Services.

The Missing Link’s procurement services remove the risks and challenges from purchasing and updating IT infrastructure, vendor and contract management

Expert IT procurement and maintenance at a cost-effective price 

Customised IT procurement solutions to meet your business goals and budget

The Missing Link’s certified team will work with you to understand your unique infrastructure needs. Then we'll tailor a scalable solution to your requirement.

Expertise and vendor relationships to save you time and money

With strong vendor relationships and an agnostic approach, we'll advise you on the optimal products and services, help with the sourcing, then negotiate advantageous prices and delivery.

Managed procurement activities to ensure you’re always up-to-date and compliant

By managing your software and hardware, we’ll keep your organisation up-to-date with upgrades and licence renewal requirements, so you never lose a day.  

Flexible, scalable, cost-effective procurement solutions for business growth

The Missing Link’s experts in IT procurement provide customised, managed hardware and software solutions to meet your business needs

The Missing Link’s information technology procurement services will maximise the potential of your business by customising hardware and software to suit your team, whenever and from wherever they’re working.

With established supplier relationships and working closely with you to understand your business environment, processes and goals, we can advise you on the most effective asset procurement solution. Then we can source and manage infrastructure that enhances collaboration, boosts productivity and maintains data security. Furthermore, by leveraging our vendor relationships, we can pass on numerous benefits, including logistics, warranty management and savings that lower the total cost of ownership.

As your IT procurement partner, we’ll ensure the vendors supplying your assets are reliable and compliant with industry regulations and accreditations.

Once we’ve agreed on a procurement solution for your organisation, we’ll keep you fully informed of orders placed and of schedules for installation and implementation.

Importantly, our work won’t stop with installation. As part of our procurement and managed IT services, we’ll record all your IT hardware and software in our system. This includes the model number, serial number, licensing details and expiry dates to ensure we’re ready to support you and assist with any warranty claims.

Finally, we’ll alert you well in advance of any warranty, subscription or license expiries. With your permission, we’ll renegotiate, renew or find alternative IT solutions that continue to meet your evolving needs.

After all, as your trusted procurement partner, it’s our role to help optimise your organisation’s productivity through efficient and cost-effective IT solutions.

Your partner in IT procurement services to boost business productivity

At The Missing Link, our certified IT team can recommend, implement and manage IT infrastructure to streamline business processes, enhance productivity and boost profitability.


  • What is hardware/software procurement?

    Hardware and software procurement involves the purchase of equipment under contract to meet your business goals and budget. A cost-effective, customised procurement solution can boost productivity and profitability by streamlining processes and enhancing workflows within increasingly complex environments. Additionally, it can promote innovation and collaboration. Hardware and software purchased within a managed service will ensure your business benefits from the best assets available while lowering the total cost of ownership. It also guarantees that your software and devices are upgraded without network disruption and that any third party issues are dealt with professionally on your behalf.

  • What is an IT procurement process?

    An IT procurement process begins with information gathering to ensure a clear understanding of your business, day-to-day processes, budget, and goals. Using this information, we can analyse potential vendors, their products, and service levels to determine the best fit. Your ICT procurement recommendation will include itemised infrastructure. Depending on your budget and in-house capabilities, it will also include a series of activities, procedures and services to install, set up and maintain infrastructure that maximises efficiencies from day one. Ongoing expert contract management is also advised.

  • What are the goals for IT procurement?

    Regardless of the size of your organisation, your information technology should empower staff members to work with ease and efficiency from wherever they are, whenever they need. Your IT procurement solution should be vendor agnostic, cost-effective, secure, scalable and upgradeable to meet your changing needs. Hardware and software must be supported with the highest service levels and expertise. Contracts must be managed to ensure assets are upgraded, and licences renewed as required, without delay or disruption.

  • What are some procurement risks?

    There are many risks associated with the procurement of information technology. Understandably, most organisations do not have the time or in-house resources to avoid them. As experts in IT, The Missing Link understands rapidly evolving hardware and software essential to ensure you are equipped with assets that empower your team to maximise efficiency and productivity. Strong vendor relationships are critical to ensuring your infrastructure is fully supported with high service levels and warranties. Detailed contracts must be closely managed to ensure they are compliant with industry codes or government regulations and that licences are maintained.

  • How can you be successful in IT procurement?

    IT procurement is complex and time-consuming. Many organisations do not have the in-house expertise to design, procure, and manage the infrastructure required to boost productivity while reducing the total cost of ownership. At The Missing Link, our procurement experts will work with you to understand your information technology needs and business goals and advise you on the most appropriate software and devices. With strong supplier relationships, we’ll source the agreed assets and support them with water-tight contract management to ensure they remain current, compliant and meet your evolving business requirements.

  • Why do you need IT procurement services?

    Professional IT procurement services will ensure your workforce has the equipment they need to boost productivity, profitability and security - whether they're working from the office, on the run or from a remote location. The Missing Link's expert management team will source the hardware and software you need from credible and leading vendors and back up your asset investments with cost-effective managed IT services that provide technical support and reduce the total cost of ownership. With our expert knowledge, you can be assured your team is constantly working with the latest, safest industry compliance technology.

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