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  The Missing Link's work with Coleman Greig Lawyers


Coleman Greig Lawyers, Greater Sydney's leading law firm specialising in commercial and personal law, recognised the importance of continually modernising their IT infrastructure and processes to maintain their edge. The firm approached The Missing Link for IT solutions and services to help them achieve their goals. Ever since, we have worked closely with Coleman Greig to ensure their business has access to the latest technology and their applications are always accessible.

Here’s what that journey has looked like so far...

Enhancing security and reliability with SmartCLOUD

Coleman Greig required a reliable and secure IT infrastructure to protect their data and client information.
SmartCLOUD, The Missing Link's owned and operated private cloud solution provided a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure that met the firm's requirements.

"The Missing Link has been able to provide us with a cost-effective cloud solution that meets our firm’s specific needs. We host our Citrix environment, which supports our specific mix of critical applications, on The Missing Link’s SmartCLOUD. This enables us to access our applications from anywhere, securely and reliably. It is critical that we have high uptime because staff simply can’t service our clients without the technology always available." says Peter Holden, Head of Technology & Business Systems at Coleman Greig.

Moving to the cloud has allowed Coleman Greig to access the latest technology without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure. It also provides them with a level of security, scalability and support that was not available with their previous solution.

We have delivered 99.957% uptime during the time Coleman Greig has used SmartCLOUD. 

Enhancing client services and adopting new technology with IT consulting services 

Coleman Greig also engaged The Missing Link for IT consulting services, including Microsoft licensing, Microsoft 365 consulting, networking and procurement. These services helped the firm enhance their client service and improve internal collaboration.

The Missing Link's IT consulting services has been invaluable to our firm. Their expertise in Microsoft 365 has helped us improve our communication and collaboration with our clients and staff, and their procurement services have helped us source all our hardware and software purchases needed to run the business."

– Peter Holden | Head of Technology & Business Systems at Coleman Greig

Expanding our partnership with the introduction of intelligent automation

Off the back of multiple successful projects with our IT & Cloud division, Coleman Greig and The Missing Link expanded their partnership to include intelligent automation services. Together, we focused on digitising their client information capture process, aiming to replace time-consuming manual tasks and minimise errors.

Our solution automated workflows, seamlessly integrating uniquely structured data from both client meetings and online submissions. Leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem, we developed online forms that ensured accurate and efficient information capture.

Opening new revenue streams and increasing operational efficiency 

Ultimately, the project streamlined the client intake process so Coleman Greig's legal professionals can dedicate more time to delivering high-quality services. Additionally, our solution has empowered the firm to identify and offer additional relevant legal services to each client, opening new revenue streams.

The collaborative efforts between Coleman Greig and The Missing Link resulted in increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, and expanded service offerings, benefiting both the firm and its clients.

"We are thrilled with the results that The Missing Link has delivered for our client intake process. The online forms and automation have streamlined our processes and improved our accuracy, providing a better experience for our clients.”

“We are always exploring further automation opportunities with The Missing Link. In continuously improving, we are able to provide a happy and efficient environment for our staff to excel in, which in turn continues to enhance our firm’s client offerings ."

– Peter Holden | Head of Technology & Business Services at Coleman Greig” 


The partnership between Coleman Greig and The Missing Link has been a success, and the two companies look forward to continuing their collaboration to deliver more innovative and effective automation solutions to the legal services industry.

Our IT & Cloud and Automation services have transformed the way Coleman Greig does business. Reach out to The Missing Link today to engage experts committed to delivering efficiency and launching your business into the future.