Provide wired and wireless connectivity in your office and datacentre

Tailored networking solutions for your business

Transform your networking to maximise productivity, efficiency and connectivity in your workplace

If you want to maximise productivity and performance, it’s vital to ensure your business networks are seamlessly connected. Our team will design, procure, and install wired and wireless networking equipment and firewalls through our networking solution.

Switches, routers, wireless access points and firewalls are all critical components required for staff to complete their work connecting to internal and external apps and data.

Our team has decades of experience designing and building networks for all sizes of customers that are fast, secure and reliable. We will provide your business with a customised solution that allows your business to maximise productivity and efficiency. We also have solid partnerships in place with leading vendors in the networking space, including Cisco, Juniper, Dell and Fortinet.

Your partner in customised connectivity

Our service is totally customisable, meaning that we can provide as much or as little management as you need. We will work with your business to ensure your network is connected in a way that best suits your requirements.

Connect your office and datacentres with fast and reliable networks

Stress-free management

Our team has options to manage your networking and IT requirements so you can focus your time where it’s needed.

Increased flexibility

At The Missing Link, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and providing flexibility. We focus on providing the best service possible and continually tailoring our services to meet your business needs.

Service you can trust

We work with trusted partners that are market leaders, including Cisco, Juniper, Dell and Fortinet. Our team also has decades of experience, so you can rest assured your networks will be managed securely and reliably.

Improve your end user experience 

Designing and maintaining networks has always been complex, but as wireless has now become essential for a modern workplace, it's becoming more complicated. It's no longer just a simple path to the web; your wireless network supports critical business functions like video conferencing, guest access, and essential business applications.

At The Missing Link, we provide end-to-end solutions to identify, improve and manage your wireless experience. Our experienced engineers can conduct a Wireless Site Survey to assess your current wireless network and identify blackspots. Once the survey has been completed we provide heat maps to recommend access point (AP) placement based on real-world data and your office floorplan.

The survey considers your existing network and future demands to ensure your Wi-Fi access points are positioned correctly to get the most out of your wireless network. Whether you're deploying Wi-Fi at a new location or refreshing an existing network, our Wireless Site Survey will ensure your end-users have reliable and seamless connectivity.

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  • What are the benefits of networking systems?

    By 2025, over 40 billion devices worldwide are projected to be connected to the internet, according to Statista. This will be accompanied by greater adoption of cloud-delivered solutions throughout the business world. At The Missing Link, we are grounded in the present but always looking to the future. We provide networking solutions in any capacity, no matter the size of your business or the type of industry you’re in. Whether you need networking for hardware or software fulfilment, greater end-user satisfaction or robust data centre security, we can make that happen. Our networking services will set you up for success now and going forward.

  • Why is connecting with networking experts so paramount?

    Our team of certified technicians and experienced engineers will give you quality IT networking services. You’ll get protection from downtime and improved network integration with no dropouts. In addition, we offer hyper-converged infrastructure. This service allows businesses to merge all networks, hardware and storage into one system. The benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure are many and include reductions in IT complexity and IT costs.

  • What are the Networking services that connect at all levels?

    Whatever level of connectivity your business needs, The Missing Link can fit the pieces together to solve your networking puzzle.
    Connecting hardware and software
    The Missing Link can design, procure and install network infrastructure to connect your routers, firewalls, switches, mobile devices, desktops, point of sales systems, software networks and other IT components.
    Connecting across locations
    Many businesses these days are spread out across multiple locations. We have networking solutions to help you meet your business goals, no matter the distances involved.
    Connecting people
    Staff these days are on-site, off-site, at home or with clients. Wherever your people are working, you need a network that’s fast, reliable, secure and customised to your unique needs.
    The best time to do something about your networking systems is now. Call or email us and we’ll tell you how we can help you choose networking services that are a perfect fit for your business in Australia and the UK.

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