Wireless Site Assessment.

Provide an improved and consistent wireless experience for end users

Improve your current wireless networks, increasing productivity and efficiency

Our experienced team provides an end-to-end solution to suit your individual business needs

Wireless networks are so commonly used that they have become a business necessity; businesses can’t operate without a secure and reliable WiFi connection. However, due to its wireless nature, WiFi security can be challenging to control and manage. A wireless network that has poor signal strength or is inadequately distributed can also impact productivity and efficiency.

At The Missing Link, we can help your business assess and identify poor signal strength or congested areas within current wireless networks. Using best practice, we recommend an improved solution to address the survey's key issues identified by the survey.

We use specialised hardware and software to take readings of existing wireless signals, create a predictive heatmap to address congestion and blackspots, and propose improved performance solutions.

Our team of experienced IT consultants will provide your business with an end-to-end solution, from the survey, recommendation, hardware ordering, and the implementation of the bespoke solution. We’ll also provide ongoing management and support as required.

Trusted partners and trusted services

We partner with trusted providers such as Extreme Networks (Aerohive) and Meraki, so you can rest assured that your wireless networks will be consistent, reliable and secure.

Assess, identify issues and improve your current wireless networks

End-to-end support

No matter your needs or current situation, our team will provide customised support and solutions for you.

Specialised solutions

We recommend specialised solutions using our software and hardware to improve your wireless experience.

Ongoing management

Our service isn’t limited to assessing your wireless networks. We’ll provide ongoing management and assist in the implementation of our specialised solutions.

Perfect Partner Experience