Yogesh Koonjul

Head of IT Services

The symbiosis of individuals and culture coming together in a shared space has its challenges as well as potentials. The path to navigate, collaborate and unite as one team is something that truly excites me.

I enjoy bringing out the best in everyone while treating everyone with fairness and respect. This approach complements the existing culture here at The Missing Link, we treat everyone equally and believe that diversity and inclusiveness are paramount.

As Head of IT at The Missing Link, I am responsible for the IT Services across our full range of clients. We are always striving to meet and exceed our clients' needs and requirements. We set the bar high, innovate and introduce processes that help to streamline business operations.

I ensure that the capability of our technical team is always growing and being challenged. I believe continuous learning is the best way to develop; anyone who can teach or share something new is a quality that should be truly appreciated and cherished.

Reading non-fiction on my kindle always reminds me that there is still room to learn something new.

When I am not at work, I enjoy watching football and being active. I try to be socially responsible as well, by helping the local community garden and participating in beach clean-ups.


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