Ruchit Deshpande

Head of Security Solutions

They say, “nothing is impossible, it’s just the way you look at it” and that’s a great philosophy to work by when you’re involved in managing cyber security.

As the Head of Security Architecture, I’m confronted by the need to approach challenges in new ways every day as I guide enterprises on their journey to bolster their security in the face of increasingly significant threats. It’s something I love doing – in fact, cyber security has been a passion of mine since my school days, and it was the major for my Bachelor’s degree.

I joined The Missing Link back in 2016 and what I love the most is that no two days are the same – there are always new issues to resolve. Fortunately, I lead a very talented team of Security Architects, and together we provide enterprises with solutions that are both secure and which makes their day to day workflows easier.

Outside work, I am really into sports – particularly cricket. If I’m not at work, I’m playing cricket and if I’m not playing cricket, I’m watching cricket or the English Premier League (football). Of course, I also enjoy time with my kids and if ever I get any free time outside these activities, I love reading and learning more about cyber security.

As an IT guy, it won’t surprise you to find that my favourite gadget is my laptop - it’s got everything I need to manage my life! However, what may surprise you is my greatest inspiration - it’s the humble people in this world who inspire me every day to reach my potential in life, and help my children reach theirs.

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