Kaela Lee

Security Consulting Operations Manager

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”. No matter how far you go, never forget where you started.

Before I joined The Missing Link, I managed a portfolio of 26 childcare centres across Sydney. I enjoyed my role and all the training, staff interactions, and operational programming that came with it. These skills proved useful when transitioning into my role as Security Service Delivery Manager, particularly when it comes to supporting the technical security testing team, managing our in-house developer, and the onsite architects at one of our largest clients.

IT is a great and ever-growing industry, and one that I am particularly fortunate to be working in. I work alongside intelligent and thoughtful people and every day the team provides me with new opportunities for learning and growth.

In my role, I am responsible for delivering a high-quality service to our clients, mentoring my team through challenges and supporting their amazing abilities.

When I am not at work, I love getting away from the city on the weekends and being run around the block by my ever-energetic dog, Willow. I am no stranger to the tennis court, but I am ambidextrous, so don’t try to catch me out by hitting to my backhand!

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