Chief Happiness Officer

Hi, I’m Murphy and I’m the Chief Happiness Officer at The Missing Link. To tell you the truth, this is probably the easiest job I’ve ever had, because everyone here is so happy, pretty much all the time. 

Ok, I have to admit, there are a few times when you get a sense of tension and the humans get a bit fractious, but that’s easy to overcome. I just put a gentle paw on their knee and before you know it, I’m in their lap, getting a tickle behind the ear, and they’re smiling.

The other thing I like about being at The Missing Link is that I meet new friends everyday – the team calls them clients. They come into our reception with serious looks on their faces, and it’s my job to greet them. By the time they head in to see the humans, they’re full of smiles too. Easy.

When I’m not busy making people happy in the office, I’m usually at home with Clare, who works here as a Sales Manager, and Alana – she’s The Missing Link’s Senior Infrastructure Architect. They’re the greatest parents to me – they’re warm and cuddly and they love me to bits.

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