Callum Walker

Service Delivery Manager

I have been emersed in technology for as long as I can remember – as a kid I would get my hands on as many hand-me-down gadgets as I could, and I could spend hours digging through a tangled mess of cables, working out how to connect them all together. Tech is an amazing enabler for analysis and number crunching, but I’ve found its just as much a vehicle for creativity and expression – over the years my trusty MacBooks have enabled me to play filmmaker, DJ, graphic designer, web developer and music producer, to varying levels of success. That creative DIY spirit is a big motivator for me – but so too are the many role models I have at The Missing Link. Since joining the team in early 2019, they’ve constantly inspired me to do great work.  

As Service Experience Manager I am responsible for keeping our clients productive and ensuring we can respond to any technical issues quickly - it’s my job to make sure we are focussed on the big picture, are communicating early and often, and mitigating any impact to their business. I’m happiest when I’m driving improvements and solving problems that make life easier for our clients and my team, and learning and growing myself.   

Having worked in the industry since I was eighteen, I know the key to delivering positive support outcomes is less to do with the technical solutions and more to do with a client-focussed approach. Support based on mutual respect, clear communication and accountability has always worked for me, and those have become the core values driving our Service Experience Team.  

Outside of work, I like to explore the world (or the neighbourhood) with my wife, looking for good food, drinks and music. I also enjoy jamming with my favourite music gear – my Technics 1210 MK2 turntables and my Roland Juno-06A Synthesiser; both are iconic designs that have stood the test of time.  

In my downtime, you’ll find me listening to a podcast or an audiobook. And if I’m stuck for motivation, I'll flick through a ‘School of Life’ book for some wise words or blast some lo-fi house,  90’s hip hop or 80’s boogie depending the day. 

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