5 minutes with Maria Jarlmo

Posted by Taylor Cheetham on Sep 30, 2020 5:55:44 PM
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5 minutes with Maria Jarlmo

The Work Stuff

I have always had a passion for animals, so like a lot of kids, I aspired to be a vet. However, as I grew, my fear of birds got the better of me, and I ended up landing my first job as a breakfast hostess at a hotel. My career progression has allowed me to explore a lot of exciting industries and careers, including a Preschool Teacher, Conference Hostess, Massage Therapist and Logistics Manager.

After studying for what seemed like forever, I found my passion for Project Delivery, which led me to join the dream team at The Missing Link 😻 I am currently a Project Leader for our IT Infrastructure division. What I love most about my role is being able to wear a problem-solving hat each day, deliver successful projects, and ultimately have a memorable impact on all the stakeholders included within a project.

From the start I knew this was the right place for me, also being allowed to bring your dog into the office was an icing on the cake. The Missing Link really promotes personal growth, so I am eager to continue studying and hopefully progress to be a Project Manager.

When it comes to inspiration, my dad would have to be my biggest role model; He has had a very interesting career working around the world with various clients. His hard work and resilience have always been something that I have admired.


The Tech Stuff

I don’t consider myself a tech freak, which is strange considering my career, as I have always preferred to be outdoors exploring new places. Although, surrounding myself daily with techies ensures that I am always kept in the loop with the latest trends, products and news in the ever-evolving industry.

My favourite gadget would have to be my phone. It is an important storage ‘hub’ that I can coordinate almost anything from including keeping in touch with my friends and family on the other side of the world.

According to my screen time, I use the weather and Instagram app the most. The weather app helps me to plan my weekend adventures, and I use Instagram to post my adventures and see the fun experiences my friends around the world are embarking on ☀️📷


The Fun Stuff

I grew up in Sweden, spending most of my time outdoors, either horse riding, swimming or hanging out with my friends. I spent a lot of my younger years living in Adelaide with my family, and as I got older, I backpacked around Australia.

No matter how many times I left, there was always something about Australia that drew me back, so nine years ago I decided to stay. I now live in Sydney, and I could not be happier with everything just outside my doorstep to explore the city, beaches, and mountains.

In the summer you will find me near a body of water, either surfing, fishing or snorkelling. The last time I went snorkelling, I bumped into a 2-metre Grey Nurse shark, I know they are harmless, but the size of it still made my heart race. I’d love to beat this encounter one day by swimming with Whale Sharks. And when the water gets too cold, you will find me spending time with friends around a bonfire with a glass of wine in my hand, having a games night.


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