The Work Stuff

My dream job growing up was to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. After that dream was put on hold (but never lost), I realised I wanted to be an actor, which I am still very passionate about, and perform on stage whenever possible.

My career to date has been... non-linear! In high school, I worked babysitting and as a server for a catering company. From there, I worked as a nanny for over a decade, as a beauty advisor at Priceline, and lastly, as a receptionist at a martial arts gym, which led me to The Missing Link.

My role at The Missing Link is Director of First Impressions, working the reception desk and assisting with accounts. I love that every day there is a multitude of tasks to keep me busy, and no day is the same. Also, being at the front desk means I get to see and talk to everyone throughout the day!

I would say Dolly Parton is one of my biggest inspirations; most people think of her as a cliché, but she's taken every stereotype and used it to build a business portfolio. All while staying true to herself, producing great music, and donating over 10 million books to children worldwide.

One of my most significant personal achievements would be the work I’ve done volunteering with a literacy and numeracy program for children in the foster system. Last year, the child I was paired with lifted their grades in mathematics from 13% in Term 1 to 83% in Term 4. We both couldn't have been prouder of that result!

The Tech Stuff

I've always been someone to pick a book over technology, with a running bet with a mate that I can read 52 books in a year (I crushed this number in 2020, but 2021 is not looking great so far!). I tend to opt for a mix of thriller, true crime and sociology.

I am very far from being a tech-geek; my interest in gaming definitely peaked with Oddjob and Rainbow Road on Nintendo 64. My favourite tech gadget would have to be my phone, as it enables me to keep in contact with friends and family across six continents.

Last year I jumped from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 11 - that was a big step for me.

The Fun Stuff

I was born in Sydney, then moved to Melbourne at seven and Zurich not long after that. Then I did it all again in reverse; I moved back to Melbourne for a few years and then back to Sydney for high school and beyond. I also spent 4 years in NYC doing theatre training. The travel bug has stuck since, and I've now visited all seven continents and lived on three. My most memorable travel highlight would be December 31st 2018; I went ashore on Antarctica for the most magical New Year's ever.

When I am not travelling (or working), you'll find me having dinners with my mates, watching 90s thrillers for the thousandth time or practising my archery. And during the footy season, it's guaranteed that I will be at all the Swans home games.

I also have two dogs Diddly Squat (15) and Watson (5); they’re both Jack Russell terriers, but their personalities couldn’t be more different, Dids is a cantankerous senior gentleman, and Watson is a bumbling hulk of a boy!

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