The Work Stuff

I grew up in Hertfordshire in England, but my family came over to Australia a number of times on holidays and we eventually moved here when I was about 12 years old.

My first full-time job was shortly after I left school – I had no idea what I wanted to do after school but I was lucky enough to fall into a job as a junior salesperson for Dynamic Supplies. From there I moved to Express Data, an IT hardware and software distributor. At the time, Express Data was one of The Missing Link's suppliers; I managed The Missing Link’s account and got to know Alex (The Missing Link’s CEO) and the rest of the team really well. They were always one of my favourite partners to work with and visit.

I left Express Data to travel and spend some time back in the UK working for Dimension Data in London. When I decided to come back to Sydney, Alex called me up and asked if I'd consider working for him… suffice to say, I didn't interview anywhere else, and the rest is history! I've now been a part of The Missing Link team for ten years.

While many people see an Account Manager as a 'salesperson', really the smallest part of my role is 'selling' - we are first and foremost relationship managers. The Missing Link is a technology company, but we work in a people industry, and to me, this means doing whatever is necessary to help my clients. I genuinely enjoy the strong relationships I have with my clients - many of whom I also consider friends.

I have achieved a lot throughout my career, but if I had to choose two highlights, they would be winning an ARN Award for Sales Excellence last year and taking part in the Roar and Soar event, which helps raise money for the Australian Special Olympics team.

I also recently had a son - not an "achievement" as such, but a big milestone... it has been a crazy few months!

The Tech Stuff

I am definitely a gadget geek - if I could connect everything in my house to the internet and control it with an app, I would! I don’t have the whole house covered, but getting there - so far we’ve got solar power, lighting, the car, and the pets sorted!

While they might not be considered as "tech" by some, I have a passion for mechanical watches... Even though the end product is analogue, there is a huge amount of technology, research, and craftsmanship that go into creating them.

The highly unnecessary but most fun gadget I have ever bought would be a Furbo - it's a dog camera and treat dispenser that allows me to interact with my two dogs while I'm not at home. I’m also curating a collection of domestic robots – the latest acquisition is a robot lawnmower. Now I can sit back, crack a beer, and relax while I watch as my lawn becomes tidy. Bliss!

As for my most used app, it would have to be our solar powering monitoring app. It strangely addictive, and I spend far too much time looking at how much green power my home is creating.

The Fun Stuff

On the weekends you'll always find me at Bunnings, picking up supplies for my latest DIY project. This really got ignited during our COVID-19 lockdown, my latest projects being a floating TV cabinet complete with LED mood lighting and a built-in double-desk for my home office.

When I am not at Bunnings (or working), you will probably find me spending time with my wife, (new) son and two dogs - a French Bulldog called Maggie, and a Boston Terrier called Lenny.

My dream day would be waking up in a ski lodge in northern Japan, snowboarding through the backcountry, eating delicious food, and drinking crisp Japanese beer. Heaven!

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