Professional IT Services & Consulting.

Empower your business with technology through our expert advice, custom design, and implementation services for results that matter.


Looking to achieve your business goals? Our expert team is here to assist.

Discover tailored Professional IT Services and Consulting solutions for your unique requirements. Rely on our team's proficiency in cloud solutions, network modernisation, Microsoft 365, and cyber security - whether it's for short-term projects or longer commitments.

We're more than a service provider, we're your strategic partner, ready to bridge your capacity and skills gap.

Choose us to drive your business success through:

  • IT strategy reviews and roadmaps.
  • Expert architecture and design advice.
  • Security controls reviews and penetration testing.
  • Microsoft 365 assessments covering security, Intune, Autopilot, and Purview.
  • Infrastructure audits and health checks.
  • Disaster recovery planning.

Curious about our Professional IT Services and Consulting?

Embark on your journey towards achieving tangible results today.

What Professional IT Services and Consulting do we offer?

Through our range of services, we connect you with skilled experts who unlock customised solutions that lead to successful business outcomes.

IT Consulting


Achieve goals with specialised advisory services covering IT strategy, cloud, architecture design, cyber security and infrastructure assessments

Wireless Site Assessment

Enhance office wireless coverage for video calls and application access. Identify weak signals zones for reliable and secure network performance.

IT Strategy Review and Technology Roadmap



Unleash IT potential with tailored strategies and roadmaps for implementation. Adapt and maintain business agility through industry shifts.

Security Controls Review

Identify, evaluate and mitigate risks with a review of security controls and tailored recommendations for enhanced protection.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Leverage Microsoft 365 without compromising security. Discover and rectify common misconfigurations and protect your confidential data.

What are the benefits of Professional IT Services and Consulting?

Project delivery

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we will ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and within the specified quality benchmarks for your requirements.

Specialised expertise

Drawing from over two decades of IT experience, you can trust our unbiased third-party guidance to empower and elevate your team's existing capabilities.

Cost savings and efficiency

Skillfully navigate staffing constraints with our flexible, value-driven solutions that lead to enhanced productivity and scalability based on your business needs.

Why use The Missing Link for Professional IT Services and Consulting?


The Missing Link is at the forefront of empowering businesses through tailored IT solutions. Our expertise spans across IT & Cloud, Cyber Security & Automation, providing you with bespoke tech solutions. As your reliable partner, we excel in guiding you through seamless digital transformations.


Gain the advantage of skilled project management, expertise support, and guidance by a team of highly trained consultants who have the latest vendor certifications to ensure the delivery of successful project outcomes.



Vendor relationships

We've established partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Dell, Mimecast, and VMware. This ensures that you consistently receive tailored solutions that match your needs, solidifying our reputation as a completely vendor-agnostic collaborator.

Frequently asked questions

  • What industries do we provide Professional IT Services and Consulting to?

    We service clients from a wide range of industries including (but not limited to) financial services, legal, insurance, manufacturing, and retail.

    Our experts provide custom evaluations and implementations to enhance network reliability, maximise IT capabilities, control cyber security risks, and ensure a secure Microsoft 365 environment.

  • When should I invest in Professional IT Services and Consulting?

    Whether you’re facing a shortage of staff, or you need to bring in expertise to bridge a skills gap, our team is here to help. We can assist you in short-term projects or longer commitments. There is no time like the present to give us a call to see how we can assist.

  • What makes our Professional IT Services and Consulting different?

    We have the track record, experience and bandwidth to adequately serve the needs of your organisation. In addition, we have won several industry awards and have one of the highest customer service ratings in the industry. We are renowned for our targeted approach in helping businesses achieve their goals.

Perfect partner experience

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