Project Management Office (PMO) supports your business in all areas, ensuring your projects are managed, and client experience is consistent

Achieve your expected business outcomes with PMO

Gain a strategic advantage with PMO by enhancing external project delivery through flexible operations and increased team skill sets

At The Missing Link, we provide the intended customers (internal customers and external clients) with the confidence that projects are professionally managed to ensure expected business outcomes are achieved.

With our service, we can help your business deliver higher project success and improve project communication. Customer satisfaction is our team’s main goal, as both internal and external clients are at the centre of our operation. We will ensure your business’ project is delivered with success, within budget and on time. By implementing PMO, you can be assured that your clients will receive a consistent experience that is sure to satisfy.

A well-established PMO can promote business success by creating operational excellence and an agile environment. This encourages businesses to achieve their strategic goals and maintain competitiveness.

Your trusted partner in project delivery

We have a 90% project success rate among our external clients. With our PMO solution, you can streamline your processes for a higher quality and efficient project delivery.

Your projects, professionally managed

Higher success and greater ROI

With PMO, you can be assured your project will be delivered with success. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we will ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and within the specified quality baselines.

Increase efficiency and visibility

We provide tailored tools and templates to ensure your project team can increase their operational efficiency and communication, providing visibility to all stakeholders.

Manage by expectation

Our Project Team manages projects within agreed tolerances which provides limits of delegated authority.

Improve governance and compliance

Our certified team will utilise best practices and guidelines to achieve consistency and project success. At The Missing Link, our core focus is always doing the project right. 

Perfect Partner Experience