Email Security.

Email threats can be stressful and can damage your reputation – and finances!

Solve your email security problems

Protect against phishing, malware, user awareness, email impersonation and brand fraud

Solve your email security problems with solutions from The Missing Link.

Protect against opportunistic and targeted attacks: Email threats have become so sophisticated that they can often evade detection by common email security technologies, particularly those that rely only on standard antivirus and reputation.

Reduce your exploitation risk: Email threats are often combined with other threats such as identity deception, phishing sites, and malware.

Training and ongoing testing: It’s not enough to simply install the latest technology innovations. Organisations must look to complement this approach with investments in security awareness training.

For example, at The Missing Link, we can simulate email attacks and use the data to educate and train users, measure on an ongoing basis, and provide further training to staff where required.

How can The Missing Link help you?

  • We have strong partnerships with some of the leading vendors in this space
  • Our workforce is highly trained and technical
  • We offer consulting & managed services

Our approach looks to protect from all angles:

  • Sandboxing technology to detonate attachment and malicious emails
  • Phishing detection to dynamically classify email threats
  • Train and educate end users via Phishing simulations and online learning
  • Authorise legitimate senders and block fraudulent ones before they reach the inbox using email authentication methods

Your partner in Email Security

At The Missing Link, we look at a wrap-around approach to email security. Our highly trained team detect, train, and educate.

Protect your business from being attacked 

Eliminate redundancy and improve productivity

Reduce attack risks and any correlating downtime. Achieve business goals quicker.  

Seamless and easy to use

Any email security technology should fit seamlessly into your existing IT architecture, allowing quick, efficient deployment and facilitating smooth ongoing management and monitoring.  

Keep ahead of the game

Benefit from a continuous model for improving user awareness and readiness. Position your business as an innovative and modern organisation with pioneering models.  

Automatic updates

A strong email security solution will offer automatic updating capabilities, allowing for rapid configuration of the system to remain current on patches and signature updates without manual intervention.  

Perfect Partner Experience