SmartCLOUD is a cloud solution for businesses that gets the balance between service and functionality just right. Owned and operated by The Missing Link, your cloud is in safe hands. 

Get it just right with SmartCLOUD

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery.

Recover your SmartCLOUD virtual machines in the event of a disaster, provided as an optional add-on to your SmartCLOUD service.

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Self-service portal.

The SmartCLOUD Self-Service Portal, powered by VMware vCloud Director, provides you with direct access to your virtual data centre in SmartCLOUD through a user-friendly web portal.

Improved time to Market

Improved time to market.

Off-premises SmartCLOUD resources can be easily spun up and scaled within minutes, rather than waiting months for new hardware.

Scable packages

Scalable packages.

Tailor your support level to suit your business needs perfectly. Our comprehensive managed service offers monitoring, patch management, and incident management as required.

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Transparent billing.

You won’t be de-coding complicated invoices using SmartCLOUD. We prefer transparent billing, so you know what you’re paying for. 

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Local flavour.

The SmartCLOUD data centres and friendly support team are all located on Aussie soil. That means guaranteed data sovereignty and premium local service! 

SmartCLOUD is a private cloud solution

SmartCLOUD offers an extremely stable, flexible environment with minimal downtime and exceptional performance. Plus, you can quickly increase or decrease network capacity to meet your changing requirements over time.

The Missing Link can take the complexity out of the cloud and bring it to your level – wherever that is.

SmartCLOUD is a private cloud hosted locally in Australian data centres, offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources. It’s a multi-million-dollar solution leveraging the latest technologies from trusted vendors including VMware, Dell Technologies, Cisco, and Equinix. 

Why use The Missing Link's SmartCLOUD?



Looking for a disaster recovery solution?

Our SmartCLOUD DRraaS platform, is a Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution for on-premise VMware environments and between SmartCLOUD sites, which accelerates data recovery from natural and cyber disasters. Hosted on SmartCLOUD, it ensures compliance, reduces costs, boosts performance, and frees up valuable IT resources .

ISO 27001 certified.

SmartCLOUD is ISO 27001 certified, which ensures the platform's security standard.

Built on VMware.

Built upon VMware's Cloud Director Availability tool to replicate production workloads.

Based in Australia.

Owned and operated by The Missing Link, based in Equinix data centers in Sydney and Melbourne and supported by an Australian-based team.

Service level.

Utilises pre-seed data for minimising data transmission and to achieve a one-minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for business critical applications.


Failover/failback of DR resources are managed via our self-service portal.


Data is securely transferred through an IPsec tunnel, while ensuring the isolation of customer data from one another.

Expert guidance from industry leaders 

Podcast: Unpack private, public, hybrid cloud, and The Missing Link's owned and operated SmartCLOUD. Learn how they have transformed businesses as we know it today.

Brochure: SmartCLOUD is our approachable cloud service that doesn’t hold back when it comes to the latest technology. Read the brochure now.
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Webinar: Want to understand how SmartCLOUD can support your business? Explore its benefits in-depth with our webinar and live demo.
Podcast: Learn about the private cloud advantage, it's key features, advantages, and what businesses should evaluate before transitioning. 
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Level up your SmartCLOUD solution

Take advantage of our owned and operated
Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform – SmartPROTECT.

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