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The cloud doesn’t need to be mysterious or obscure to work for you. The Missing Link’s SmartCLOUD is a practical, down to earth cloud service built with tender loving care for growing businesses.

Why use The Missing Link's SmartCLOUD?

SmartCLOUD offers an extremely stable, flexible environment with minimal downtime and exceptional performance. Plus, you can quickly increase or decrease network capacity to meet your changing requirements over time.

The Missing Link can take the complexity out of the cloud and bring it to your level – wherever that is.

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Trusted Local Partner icon

A trusted local partner.

We have 25 + years of experience and can take care of your cloud so you can focus on strategic business initiatives. Plus, our data centres and friendly support team are all located on Aussie soil.

Transparent Billing@2x

Transparent billing.

We’re not like the other guys. You won’t be de-coding complicated invoices using SmartCLOUD – ours are predictable and easy to understand.

Scalable Packages

Scalable packages.

You're the boss of SmartCLOUD! You can customise your level of support, so your cloud service is practical and approachable for your business.

SmartCLOUD is a private cloud solution.

Private cloud is a type of cloud computing where your organisation can take advantage of IT infrastructure which is customised to your needs. 
The Missing Link’s owned and operated SmartCLOUD is a private cloud hosted locally in Australian data centres, and it offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources. 


Benefits of a private CLOUD@2x

The benefits of using private cloud.

There are many reasons why organisations use private clouds, including: enhanced security, predictable performance, long-term savings, lack of bill shock and regulatory governance – just to name a few.


Partnering with MSP

How partnering with a managed service provider helps.

Outsourcing the operation and ongoing maintenance of your private cloud can improve time to market, decrease costs, enhance data security and bridge any skills gaps in your team.

You need Smart, not complicated.

Don’t settle for unpredictable cloud spend, complex invoices, infuriating customer service robots, lackluster support and security risk.

We bring you SmartCLOUD: our approachable cloud service that doesn’t hold back when it comes to the latest technology.


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Level up your SmartCLOUD solution

Take advantage of our owned and operated
Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform – SmartPROTECT.

Built with Veeam, the leading modern data protection platform, SmartPROTECT prevents loss of primary copy of backups or tampering.

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Reach out to our team for a down to Earth conversation about SmartCLOUD.

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About us


Since 1997, The Missing Link has helped businesses achieve their goals through IT transformation. We provide the complete solution to managing any business’ technology, no matter the size of their needs, through our three core divisions: IT & Cloud, Cyber Security and Automation. The Missing Link’s clients choose us because of our reputation for consistent, high-quality work, our 23 years of experience and our Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) which is near 100% every month! We are the missing link between where you are and where you want to be.