5 minutes with Halen Youles

Posted by Kendall King on Nov 4, 2019 6:05:30 PM
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5 minutes with Halen Youles

The Work Stuff

My first full-time position was working for a corporate event and media agency. This taught me a lot about the business world and the interconnectedness of private industry. I wasn’t planning on moving into the IT/Cyber Security field until I was approached by a recruiter who had a great relationship with The Missing Link. When I was first introduced to our CEO, Alex Gambotto, there was originally no role for me, it was just a ‘meet and greet’. We sat down and had a fun, free-flowing conversation and our meeting went over by 35 minutes. Alex said during our discussion that I reminded him of himself when he was younger and that he would definitely start looking for a place to put me within the company. That is when they created the role of Inside Security Sales Executive, which had previously been non-existent.

I have recently moved into a full Sales role as an Associate Security Sales Executive, primarily looking after enterprise and mid-market clients. I love meeting new people, whether that be vendors, distributors or clients. I like to hear different perspectives on things to broaden my thoughts.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in finance, full-time. It has been a constant challenge, managing full-time work and full-time university. I’m 100% committed and love what I do, I was the top sales rep in December 2018 and won the ARN 30 under 30 tech award earlier this year.


The Tech Stuff

I wouldn’t classify myself as a tech freak, but I am subscribed to many online publications to ensure I do not fall behind and stay up to date with the landscape. IT & Cyber Security moves so fast that you have to stay on top of things.

I love my Apple Airpods, although it is known around the office that I like to misplace them on a regular occasion, I’m already on my second pair! I also use Instagram quite a lot, I enjoy sharing photos with friends and I recently posted many pictures from my trip around Europe.


The Fun Stuff

I was originally born in England and lived there until nine years of age. I moved to Australia and spent the remainder of my childhood on the Central Coast. Growing up, I loved anything outdoors, including surfing, skateboarding, rock jumping and soccer. I am so lucky to have access to roughly 15 beaches within a 15-minute drive from my house.

I would classify myself as a little bit of an adrenaline enthusiast, the most dangerous thing I have ever done was jumping off a 23-meter rock into the ocean, the impact was so hard that it sliced the back of my tongue when I hit the water. I also backflipped off of a 15-meter bridge when I was 13.

My friends and I like to go sand-surfing down at Blacksmith Beach every now and then. For those of you who don’t know what that is, sand-surfing is when you are towed by a truck travelling at 40km/hr barefoot on the sand, if you let go, you go head over heels and risk being knocked out.

I do not have a lot of spare time on my hands and considering I also work full-time, my weekends are predominately consumed by university work. I will finish my final exams at the end of the year, so I will be able to start enjoying my weekends again!

I am a very career-driven individual. Striving for greater workplace satisfaction, career development, happier clients is all part of the chase for me. I hope to be further along in my professional career than I am today, but the real dream is to be CEO of my own company one day 😉


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