The Work Stuff

When I was younger, I never really had a dream job and hated being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. This meant that I was a bit late in kick-starting my professional career – unless you count my high school business reading kids’ futures on tarot cards for their lunch money 😂 Once I finally moved back to Sydney from Dubai, I got my first part-time job as a teacher. Although it was only the beginning of my professional career, I felt the most fulfilled, seeing my students’ minds develop, which is what led me to study psychology. 

Eventually, I wanted a change of pace from the stagnant academia of my degree, so I went to a recruiter and asked them to find me a position where I could develop my ‘real world’ professional skills. Two weeks later, I scored an interview for a Sales Support role at The Missing Link. I’ve been at The Missing Link for just over seven months now - I love working alongside our amazing sales team and clients, and have an immense passion for making my team proud! 

I haven’t been in the professional world for long, but our Security Sales Executive, Ellie Johnston, has been my biggest inspiration so far. Anyone that has met Ellie knows her ability to make everyone in the room laugh. Her confidence, intelligence and drive are what I look up to the most.  


The Tech Stuff 

Although I love video games, I don’t consider myself a tech freak! I could not for the life of me explain how games are developed and find it insane that the Pokemon fetching the ball on my Switch is just 1s and 0s 

However, I’m trying to become more used to the IT industry; I always try to keep up with the latest technology trends and products so I can better understand our customers and the business as a whole 

My most used bit of tech is my iPhone - my screen time summary says Twitter is my most used app (shamefully). Also, high up on my list are Messages (connecting with friends overseas), Instagram, YouTube and Outlook (work…). 


The Fun Stuff 

was born in Sydney, but moved around a lot as a kid, living in London for 2 years and Dubai for 9. There wasn’t much opportunity to play outside while growing up in the desert. I spent my time gaming, reading, baking, eating the stuff I’d bake, and daydreaming.   

Unfortunately, not much has changed. On the weekend you’ll normally find me eating out with friends, getting into a new game (I just finished Red Dead Redemption 2 at an unhealthy speed), reading books or brushing up on my foreign language skills.  

Moving around a lot has given me the need to travel regularly, and Ive been lucky enough to visit six continents 🌎 (Antarctica is still on my to-do list) and spent a year studying abroad in Korea. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d travel around Europe, trying to eat at as many Michelin star restaurants as possible – I think I could fit in 6 before I’d pass out from overeating.  

My most memorable travel experience so far was in Korea, attending the massive sports festival where my exchange University competed against their biggest rival. While I was never into sports, the atmosphere in the stadium (and the afterparty 💃) was insane to experience. I saw Psy perform (yes, the Gangnam Style guy) and felt part of the unbelievable culture of Korea University. I loved that no matter where you were from, everyone came together to celebrate our loss on the streets until 8 am the next morning. My inability to move for the next couple of days was another experience in itself. 

I love discovering, everywhere I go, how different cultures celebrate that sense of community. 


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Taylor Cheetham

Campaign Manager