SmartPROTECT is The Missing Link’s owned and operated Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) that helps you stay secure in the expanding threat landscape.

Level up with SmartPROTECT

Ultra-fast storage


Backed by Pure Storage FlashBlade, providing all flash performance and fast restore times and quick recovery when you need your data back. 



Efficient storage and the ability to offload long term backups to public cloud for larger savings, the solution grows with you.

Managed Services

Managed services

Ranging from self-service to fully managed services, we can support your IT team to the level you need. 


Encrypted and immutable

Encryption at rest on for all stored data, no exceptions.  


Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Our customer feedback speaks for itself, we consistently maintain a CSAT score of at least 98%.

Onshore team

Onshore team

From support, right through to engineering and accounts, all our teams are in Australia.


SmartPROTECT is a Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform

SmartPROTECT takes your business operations to the next level. Hosted in data centres located in Sydney and Melbourne, it offers customers replicated storage for added redundancy and security of their data.

Our solution is based on Veeam Backup and Replication, offering seamless integration with on-premises, Microsoft Cloud, and SaaS platforms.

Backed by Pure Storage FlashBlade hardware, you can be sure that SmartPROTECT is supported by a scalable and high throughput storage appliance that ensures swift data recovery and secure storage for your backup data.


Make your data available anytime, anywhere. 

SmartPROTECT defends your data against hardware failures, accidental deletion and ransomware attacks. 


Data Protection Trends Report 2024

The global data protection market continues to grow, but how exactly are companies adapting for modern data protection in the face of ransomware and hybrid clouds?  In this new research report, 1,200 business and IT leaders were surveyed on their IT and data protection strategies, including their plans for 2024 and beyond.

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What is SmartPROTECT for 365? 

At The Missing Link we provide a Back-up-as-a-Service solution for Microsoft 365. SmartPROTECT for 365 eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data, including: 

•    Exchange Online, 
•    SharePoint Online, 
•    OneDrive for Business; and, 
•    Microsoft Teams

This way, your data is always protected and accessible.

Our SmartPROTECT for 365 platform is ISO 27001 certified and follows international standards on how to manage information security.

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What is Backup and Disaster Recovery? Every business needs a safe, reliable and fast plan to protect against loss of primary copy or backup tempering.



What is Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)? BaaS lets you recover your business data and systems quickly. Whether it's a single file or a whole operating system.


SmartPROTECT: Our owned and operated BaaS that can defend your company data against hardware failures, accidental deletion and ransomware attacks.



Ask us anything: We answer your questions about cyber attacks and highlight the importance of a powerful backup and recovery solution.
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Get it just right with SmartCLOUD.

SmartCLOUD is a cloud solution for businesses that gets the balance between service and functionality just right.

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