Here at The Missing Link, our people are the engine of our company. We’re immensely proud of their knowledge and expertise, which helps our clients achieve incredible things through IT transformation – but they’re so much more than their job description! In this series, we take a moment to sit down and discuss the weird, wacky, and wonderful parts of our team’s lives that make them who they are.   

Rohan Augustine has been at The Missing Link since 2021, working as the Service Experience Lead on our IT team. As a tech enthusiast, he is fascinated by the latest gadgets and gaming – but he’s also passionate about using his knowledge to support his team and foster continuous improvement. So, let’s take 5 minutes to get to know Rohan better.

Where did you grow up, Rohan? 

I grew up in a beautiful city called Chennai, located in Tamil Nadu, India. It's a coastal city known for its amazing South Indian food and the world's second-longest urban beach. 

Chennai sounds wonderful! What were your interests as a kid? Any hobbies that stood out? 

As a kid, I was very much into music. I learned Carnatic/classical Indian music for a few years and was active in my school's choir. Besides that, I spent a lot of time on e-sports. 

Music and e-sports, that's quite a combination! Did you have a dream job while growing up?

Yes, growing up, my dream job was to be a chef. However, interestingly, my first paying job was in Sydney, where I worked as an IT administrator for a financial planner.

How has your career progressed from IT administrator to your current role, and what do you love most about what you do at The Missing Link?

My current role is Service Experience Lead. What I value most is the chance to use my knowledge to support my team to grow and continually improve in areas that need attention. I began my journey at The Missing Link in 2021 as an Associate Service Experience Engineer. In 2023, I was promoted to Service Experience Engineer, and now I hold the position of Service Experience Lead.

Being the inaugural Associate hired in the new program and subsequently becoming the first-ever Service Experience Lead are truly the standout moments of my career. Along the way, I achieved several professional milestones, including earning Microsoft Certifications and ITIL foundations.

My path to The Missing Link has an interesting backstory. My first-ever roommate in Sydney introduced me to the company, and I eventually became his successful referral. This journey from an IT administrator to my current role has been both challenging and rewarding, marked by personal growth and professional achievements. In a few years, I would like to see myself as a Team Manager or Leader.

Do you have any professional role models or inspirations?

My dad will forever be my inspiration as he's the hardest-working man I've ever known.

Do you consider yourself a tech freak, and what's your favorite gadget at the moment?

Absolutely, I am a huge tech freak. I own many games, although I don't get much time to play them anymore. Most of my gaming time is spent on my PC playing Counter-Strike, COD, Valorant, or DOTA, and I also enjoy playing FIFA with my mates. My favorite gadget at the moment is my DJI Drone, which I try to fly on weekends.

Given your passion for gaming and gadgets, do you keep up with the latest technology trends and devices? Also, which apps do you use the most and why?

Steam is my most used application, and the hours I've spent playing Counter-Strike on it show why I love it! Being in the IT industry, I stay on top of the latest technology trends, including security risks, targeted attacks, defensive mechanisms, gadgets, software, processors, gaming hardware, and tech investment options.

If money wasn't an issue, describe your dream day.

If money wasn't an issue, I would be chilling in Koh Samui, enjoying the best Thai food and cafes.

How delightful! Speaking of relaxation, what can you generally be found doing on weekends?

On weekends, you can find me at home or at a nice spot flying my drone. I also tend to experiment with cooking and baking during this time.

That sounds enjoyable. Do you have any other hobbies or passions that keep you busy?

Vibing to nice music and getting wins on competitive Counter-Strike makes me tick. The week before I left for Australia, I won a Counter-Strike and a PUBG LAN tournament where our teams were underdogs in both games. It's always incredible to win a game when you are the underdog team.

Finally, what's the best thing about living in your city?

After moving to Sydney in 2018, it became my second home. Lovely beaches, amazing people, and a love-hate relationship with the climate never ends.

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